High Quality products for crop nutrition and crop protection


Multi-nutritional formulations containing microelements, peptides, polysaccharides and L-free amino acids (biologically active). Their application provides nutritional growth factors to stimulate metabolism in plants. These products are rapidly absorbed by foliage and roots for maximum nutritional benefit with minimal energy consumption.

  • algaliv


    General plant growth biostimulant.

    ALGALIV® is a biostimulant based on an algae extract from the Ascophyllum nodosum species, with phosphorous, potassium and microelements. ALGALIV® is rich in natural phytohormones, betaines, mannitol, organic acids, polysaccharides and amino acids. These biomolecules increase the natural growth of crops, while protecting them against adverse conditions. Additionally, ALGALIV® is a source of macronutrients (N, P, K) and micronutrients (Mn, Cu, Fe, Zn, B and Mo) and helps seed germination, root growth, fruit ripening and resistance to fungal and bacterial diseases.

  • bioradicante


    Root system stimulant that guarantees optimum harvest yield.

    BIORADICANTE® stimulates development and modulates the root architecture, which is crucial for the plant’s development and for an optimum harvest yield. Rich in L-amino acids, it specifically increases auxin endogenous synthesis and protein synthesis and improves photosynthetic activity. BIORADICANTE® promotes the correct root development of crops, enhancing both primary and secondary roots, thus increasing the absorption of water and nutrients from the soil.

  • botamisol


    Amino acids for foliar application and fertiliser irrigation.

    BOTAMISOL® is a solid formula with a complete aminogram produced by enzymatic hydrolysis of 100% vegetable matter. It contains high concentrations of free L-amino acids that can be completely absorbed and are physiologically functional for the crops. BOTAMISOL® applications are suitable to overcome stressful conditions and revitalise crops in situations such as the end of the winter or the reduction of light hours. Its invigorating effect helps during natural growth and in the stages involving a higher nutritional demand, such as flowering and fruit development.

  • Botamisol 80 Pro

    Botamisol 80 Pro

    Granulated biostimulant with a high concentration of amino acids obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis.

    BOTAMISOL 80PRO® is an amino acid with 100% plant origins, microgranulated and with a high concentration. The high content of L-proline provides anti-stress properties. Its application improves the physiological condition of crops, both during post-chemical and abiotic stress, maximising growth. The BOTAMISOL 80PRO® formula allows perfect solubility while providing maximum effectiveness. The application of BOTAMISOL 80PRO® activates the endogenous routes for hormone synthesis, improving the crop growth.

  • citogrower


    Biostimulant specifically for increasing fruit size and uniformity.

    CITOGROWER® is a biostimulant specifically developed to increase the fruit size. The high concentration of molecules with cytokinetic activity promotes cell division during the first stages of fruit development, improving the harvest quality and homogeneity. In addition, CITOGROWER® increases flowering due to its effect on the apical dominance, improving the number of flowers in ornamental crops and fruits in cucurbits.

  • Cromaliv


    Biostimulant of the colour of fruits

    Cromaliv is a biostimulant activator of the coloring of fruits such as table grapes, cherries, blueberries, red fruits and plums, among others. Its composition promotes the metabolic pathways that specifically activate the synthesis of pigments responsible for color. In addition, Cromaliv improves the organoleptic conditions of these fruits, resulting in a product of higher quality and more attractive for sale and consumption.

  • ecormon


    Biostimulant with amino acids and molybdenum, specifically for fattening and setting the fruits.

    ECORMON® is a specific biostimulant for the fattening and setting of fruits. Its specific L-amino acids content and high molybdenum (Mo) concentration improve flowering, as well as flower and pollen development, increasing quality and germination. ECORMON® increases fecundation and reduces premature dropping of fruits, producing a larger crop and yield. Additionally, ECORMON® is suitable for promoting the fruit fattening and size, improving the quality of the crop.

  • Fito Maat

    Fito Maat

    Biostimulant to prevent and overcome abiotic stress situations.

    FITOMAAT® is a formula with 100% natural plant origin and a high anti-stress capacity. Preventive applications help minimise the effects of abiotic stress, therefore contributing to maintaining normal crop growth in adverse conditions. The high concentration of osmoprotective molecules guarantees that the photosynthetic rate and protein synthesis are maintained. FITOMAAT® is suitable for all types of abiotic stress: heat, cold, drought and salinity. Additionally, it protects against cracking, preserving the fruit value.

  • frutaliv


    Stimulant for fruit setting, fattening and colouring of vegetable and fruit crops.

    FRUTALIV® is a biostimulant specifically formulated for the fruiting stage, as it increases the fruit setting and fattening, as well as its quality. The effects of applying FRUTALIV® help increase the fruit sugar concentration, due to an increase of the sink effect in the fruit. Additionally, FRUTALIV® helps to improve the fruit colouring and hardness, contributing to a higher quality.

  • futop


    Biostimulant based on algae extracts and microelements.

    FUTOP® is a biostimulant based on the algae extract from the Ascophyllum nodosum species and microelements that complement the algae functions. FUTOP® is rich in natural phytohormones, betaines, mannitol, organic acids, polysaccharides and amino acids. These biomolecules increase the natural growth of crops, while protecting them in adverse conditions. Additional, FUTOP® provides a source of micronutrients (Mn, Cu, Fe, Zn, Mg). FUTOP® helps to develop crops, particularly in stages of need and under stressful conditions.

  • Radisan


    Biostimulant for the development of the root system

    Radisan® is a micro-granulated and highly concentrated biostimulant, formulated by amino acids and precursor microelements and activators of the phytohormone synthesis pathways (auxins, cytokinins and gibberellins) and by means of fermentation of the B25 strains of Lysobacter enzymogenes and B2575 strains of Corynebacterium flavescens, exclusive to Futureco Bioscience. It fosters the development of an optimal root architecture, maximises the absorption of water and nutrients and promotes the growth and development of the crop, helping the plant to obtain optimal nutritional and energy status.

  • Treeset


    Biostimulant to increase fruit setting

    TREESET® is a biostimulant especially formulated to improve flowering and fruit setting in fruit trees. Its composition on Boron, Zinc, and amino acids leads to increase pollen germination considerably, and seed formation, which avoids the drop of buds and flowers, resulting in significant improvement of fruit set, fruit quality development, and yields. TREESET® is the best source of essential elements to prevent and mitigate the consequences of critical conditions such as periods of drought, which reduce the activity of the root, or heavy rains that drain and reduce the availability of boron and zinc from the root zone.

  • vitalem forte

    Vitalem forte

    Amino acids from complete enzymatic hydrolysis.

    VITALEM FORTE® is a liquid biostimulant based on free L-amino acids of plant origin, obtained through enzymatic hydrolysis. The process guarantees a 100% amino acid bioavailability, improving the crop effectiveness. Additionally, the plant origin guarantees the balance of amino acids required by the plants. VITALEM FORTE® improves the plant’s energy processes, the crop strength and its general physiological condition.

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