Here you will find biopesticides for the biological control of pests and diseases produced by fungi or pathogenic bacteria in agriculture. Both our Bioinsecticides and Biofungicides are developed from substances of botanical and microbiological origin, making them an effective alternative to conventional chemical synthesis treatments.

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Biocontrol products



Organic biofungicide and biobactericide that activates the natural defences of plants.
NOFLY bioinsecticida


Spore-based bioinsecticide made with Cordyceps fumosorosea (Isaria fumosorosea, Paecilomyces fumosoroseus) that controls whiteflies, thrips, aphids and mites at any stage of their life cycle.

Our biocontrol technology

Biological control (or ‘biocontrol’) is the use of living micro-organisms and naturally occurring compounds to control pest and disease populations. There are several biological control methods, but all have important advantages over the use of chemical pesticides: they are highly specific, have no or low toxicity, low risk of resistance generation, biodegradable and zero residue, and respectful of natural enemies. Moreover, they are authorized for use in organic agriculture and integrated pest management programs. In rotation with traditional chemical treatments, a reduction in crop residues is achieved, contributing to a sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture.

Questions about our Biocontrol products

  • What do you specialise in as a biocontrol company?

    Futureco Bioscience is an innovative company, founded in 1993, that researches, develops, manufactures and offers farmers effective and sustainable biological solutions to control crop diseases. We are specialists in discovering, developing and marketing new natural solutions for agricultural biocontrol suitable for organic farming. Our biological pesticides (bactericides, fungicides, natural insecticides) improve crop productivity and profitability and make food healthier for consumers.

  • What is the added value of your biological pest control products?

    All the products manufactured by Futureco Bioscience are the result of the most advanced research and technology. Futureco Bioscience has a modern R&D department with different laboratories and a highly specialised staff that represents 45% of the company’s workforce. The company’s pipeline covers from the identification of the active substance to the development of a pre-commercial prototype. The development timeline for our product is different in each case, so our pipeline has a good mix of candidates at different stages of development: from potential candidate strains and metabolites, to the most developed and formulated prototypes ready for registration.

  • What are the new technologies that can innovate the biological control sector?

    Futureco Bioscience is currently implementing in its research several promising new molecular biocontrol technologies such as cell penetrating peptides (nanomolecules with the ability to translocate across cell membranes and deliver a variety of molecules that are not able to overcome the permeability barrier in their own capacity), RNA interference (a targeted pest control strategy that involves silencing essential genes necessary for pest survival), or CRISPR-Cas9 (a gene editing tool that uses short guide RNA sequences to direct the Cas9 enzyme to introduce a double-stranded break in a particular sequence of the pest’s DNA).

  • As manufacturers, are your biocontrol products organic?

    Yes, all our products are certified as organic products by competent national and international authorities and authorised for use in organic agriculture. Futureco Bioscience products are characterised by not leaving residues on crops, allowing the application in all phenological stages of the plant according to the development of pests or diseases, including pre-harvest.

  • How is the company dealing with the transition from conventional to organic in the pest control sector?)

    Considering that the greening of agriculture will go through a difficult transition period, in which integrated pest management practices are likely to take the lead and organic products will face new demands and scrutiny, Futureco Bioscience is making a major effort to support farmers in this period of change. On the one hand, by developing biological products with high compatibility with conventional pesticides, on the other hand, by reinforcing field trials of mixed crop programmes (conventional and biological) focusing on long-term prevention and avoidance of resistance. NOFLY WP, a flagship product of the company, is compatible with more than 100 conventional pesticides (80% of compatibilities tested).

  • How are biocontrol products classified and what is their composition?

    Biocontrol products are classified according to their origin. There are four types: microbial (from fungi, bacteria and viruses), botanical (those produced from citrus extracts or plant oils), semiochemical and auxiliary fauna. NOFLY is a microbial biopesticide based on the spores of the patented Cordyceps fumosorosea strain FE9901. It is effective against all stages of the whitefly cycle, as well as aphids, thrips, some caterpillars and other insects. Bestcure, a broad-spectrum botanical biofungicide and bactericide, is formulated from a cold-pressed extract of citrus species (Citrus reticulata and Citrus aurantium) with direct biocidal activity and antioxidant effect.

  • What kind of biopesticide do you have for sale and how does it work?

    NOFLY is a biopesticide of microbial origin based on spores of an entomopathogenic fungus, natural enemy of several insect pests, Cordyceps fumosorosea FE9901. It is effective against all stages of the life cycle of different whitefly species (Bemisia, Trialeurodes, Lecanoideus, Aleuroidicus). NOFLY WP also has insecticidal action against aphids, thrips, some caterpillars and other insects that often cause significant economic losses to growers. When NOFLY WP spores come into contact with the pest insect, they attach to the body and begin to grow almost immediately. Once the germ tube of the spore penetrates the cuticle of the host, multiplication of the fungus occurs through the formation of hyphal bodies on the insect’s body. The NOFLY micro-organism damages the internal organs of the host and initiates tissue necrosis. This leads to starvation, dormancy and finally death. The infection cycle of C. fumosorosea in susceptible insects is particularly rapid. The first symptoms appear on the insect 24 to 48 hours after contact. Spores penetrate the cuticle of the target insects, develop hyphae that penetrate and proliferate inside the target insect, forming mycelial masses 48-72 hours after contact, reaching a maximum of sporulation within 5-7 days.

  • What kind of biofungicide/biobactericide do you have for sale and how does it work?

    Bestcure is a broad spectrum biofungicide and bactericide, i.e. it is effective in the biological control of a wide variety of fungi and bacteria that can cause massive losses in crop yields (Botrytis sp., Plasmopara sp., Alternaria sp., Sigatoka., Roya, in the fungi kingdom and Xanthomonas spp., Pseudomonas sp., Ralstonia sp. in the bacterial world). Once applied, BESTCURE is absorbed by the plant, which triggers its dual mode of action. Firstly, its active ingredients have a direct biocidal effect: they break down the cell wall of fungi and bacteria, thus curing the infection. Secondly, the molecules of the botanical extract have a synergistic effect that activates the plant’s natural defences. In fact, BESTCURE has been shown to induce the synthesis of endogenous phytoalexins which, in turn, activate the plant’s own immune system, creating a shield that protects crops against disease. BESTCURE can be applied at any time during the crop cycle, even during the harvest season. It also has an antioxidant action, reinforcing the specific cells that enhance the natural aroma of the fruit or vegetable.

  • Where are your biocontrol products registered?

    NOFLY is currently registered and marketed in Austria, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Cyprus, Côte d’Ivoire, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, France, Greece, Guatemala, Netherlands, Honduras, Hungary, Italy, Kenya, Mexico, Morocco, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, UK and USA. In particular, in the USA, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has approved NOFLY for use in outdoor and residential crops. NOFLY is registered for use on multiple crops, including horticultural, aromatic, herbaceous ornamentals and legumes. At the same time, it is in the process of registration in Switzerland and Tunisia.

  • Which products are considered to be botanical or plant biopesticides?

    Botanical or plant-based biopesticides are products formulated from botanical extracts of different plant species whose natural substances have a marked biocidal effect. These products offer a wide range of alternative solutions for the agronomic management of crops and protect the plant against attacks from different pathogens such as nematodes, insects, fungi and bacteria without leaving residues or requiring a period of lack of use, a key factor in sustainable agriculture. Bestcure is a plant-based biofungicide-biobactericide formulated from a cold-pressed extract of citrus species (Citrus reticulata and Citrus aurantium). Its state-of-the-art formulation guarantees not only improved stability and efficacy of the active ingredients but also an increased shelf life of the product.

  • Up to which phenological stage can I apply Futureco Bioscience biocontrol products without leaving residues?

    All biocontrol products can be applied at any phenological stage of the crop, depending on the incidence of the pest. In addition, the absence of safety periods allows biological control of the disease right up to the day of harvest, always guaranteeing a final product free of chemical residues.

  • Is Futureco Bioscience biocontrol product line compatible with other treatments?

    Futureco Bioscience’s line of biocontrol products is ideal for integrated and/or organic pest management programmes. All products are compatible with a large number of conventional pesticides. NOFLY WP, a flagship product of the company, is compatible with more than one hundred traditional pesticides (80% of tested compatibilities). In addition, Futureco Bioscience tests mixed crop programmes (conventional and biological) focused on long-term prevention and avoidance of resistance. It is also recommended that prior compatibility tests be carried out before any kind of mixtures are made.

  • How long can your biocontrol products be stored for?

    BESTCURE is stable for at least 3 years from manufacturing date. While NOFLY WP is stable for at least 1 year when stored under refrigerated conditions, at room temperature its stability is reduced to six months.