Promotes the emission of lateral buds. Increases fruit size, number and uniformity.


CITOGROWER® is a nutrient-rich biostimulant with high cytokinetic activity designed to augment cell division and in turn increase fruit’s size and number, enhancing harvest uniformity. CITOGROWER® not only helps fruitlet retention and avoids losses in tree fruit crops, but also inhibits apical dominance, promotes lateral budding and induce flowering and differentiation. The effects of CITOGROWER® are also related to a better performance of photosynthesis and control of senescence, thus increasing the photoassimilation and the sink effect of fruits.


Free L-Aminoacids 2.5%, Phosphorus (P2O5) 6%, Potassium (K2O) 5%, Cytokinins 1% * (*Also available with 2% and 4% Cytokinins).

Advanced formulation that maximize the synergetic effects between the product’s components, facilitating foliar adsorption and guaranteeing both excellent compatibility with lots of chemical products and optimal stability in a large range of pH and water hardness.





0,25 L

0,5 L

1 L

5 L


Action mode:

CITOGROWER® cytokinins both trigger floral induction and differentiation and boost cell division and metabolic rate. Nutrients and amino acids present in the optimized formulation support fruit development and guarantee proper fruit quality.


  • Increases cell division rate
  • Triggers floral induction and differentiation
  • Augments metabolic rate
  • Delays leaf senescence


  • Potentiates glutathione biosynthesisis improving flowering and fruit-set
  • Phosphorus intervenes in photosynthesis and phosphorylation cascade guaranteeing the proper cytokinin function
  • Activates enzymes involved in flower development
  • Sustains rapid fruit growth favoring chlorophyll biosynthesis


  • Potassium increases crop quality, shelf life and nutritional properties of fruits and grains
  • Phosphorus intervenes in photosynthesis and phosphorylation cascade guaranteeing the proper cytokinin function



CITOGROWER® has been designed to improve flowering and fruit setting in a wide variety of crops, assuring a better commercial size, consistency and yield of harvested fruits.


  • Inhibits apical dominance
  • Generates lateral buds
  • Induces flowering and differentiation


  • Increases fruits number and size
  • Ameliorates firmness and consistency
  • Enriches nutrients content
  • Improves harvest uniformity
  • Elongates shelf life of the picked fruits


  • Delays leaf senescence
  • Increases chlorophyll content
  • Improves the nutritional status of the plant favoring nutrients uptake




CITOGROWER ® can be applied by foliar spraying and also by fertigation. Applications by foliar spraying contribute to maximize the effect on target organs such as fruits, whereas fertirigation can be used to regulate plant growth, control apical dominance or increase lateral shooting and flowering. CITOGROWER allows using low dosis and obtain great results: standard doses are as low as 20-50ml per each 100L of foliar spraying or 250-500l per hectare in fertigation. For detailed applications and dosages please contact your local agent or distributor. CITOGROWER® is stable at least 3 years from the manufacture date




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