Promotes plant growth during all phases of the cycle.


VITALEM FORTE® is a liquid biostimulant formulated with free L-amino acids of vegetable origin obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis. This process guarantees 100% bioavailability of amino acids, improving crop efficiency. In addition, its vegetable origin guarantees the balance between amino acids that plants require.


Free L-Aminoacids* 12%, 2%, Typical aminogram: aspartic acid, glutamic acid, histidine, serine, glycine, threonine, arginine, alanine, tyrosine, valine, methionine, phenylalanine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, hydroxyproline, proline, tryptophan. (*Aminoacids obtained by bacterial fermentation Brevibacterium sp. of plant proteins).





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Action mode:

VITALEM FORTE® improves the energetic processes of the plant, the vigour of the crop and the general physiological state. It can be applied both by foliar and root application, obtaining optimum results in all types of crops. The product is particularly suitable for times of stress (high temperatures, frost, hail, phytopathological stress, etc.).


Alfalfa: 300 ml/hl, apply 10 days after each cutting. Cotton: 200-300 ml/hl, apply in the early stages and at the beginning of flowering. Rice: 5-20 L/ha, 200 ml/hl, post-therbicide treatment for crop recovery. Cereals: 200 ml/hl, apply together with phytosanitary products. Citrus: 5-10 L/ha, 200-300 ml/hl, apply at sprouting, fruit set, fruit fattening. Strawberries and berries: 4-6 L/ha, 300-500 ml/hl, apply 3 treatments during the whole cycle. Fruit trees: 10 L/ha, 200-300 ml/hl, apply at sprouting, fruit set, fruit fattening. Horticultural crops: 5-10 L/ha, 200-300 ml/hl, make 3 to 4 applications after transplanting. Olive trees: 5-10 L/ha, 300-500 ml/hl, apply in pre-flowering and fruit hardening. Ornamentals: 4-6 L/ha, 100-200 ml/hl, apply at transplanting and during the first stages. Banana trees: 8-12 L/ha, apply during the whole crop cycle. Beetroot and potato: 6 L/ha, 200-300 ml/hl, apply 3 treatments during the whole cycle. Grapevine: 100-200 ml/hl, apply at sprouting, pre-flowering, fruit set, 3 weeks before harvest.

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