Amino acid fertilizers are obtained, with high enantiomeric purity in their L-α-amino biologically active form, by enzymatic protein hydrolysis. Amino acids are readily absorbed, transported, and utilized as a source of nitrogen and carbon for plants. These play multiple roles in N uptake and assimilation, plant signaling, C:N metabolism in the plant, stimulating plant metabolism immediately, and can increase microbial biomass, soil respiration and soil fertility. Although primarily serving as nutrients for the plant, specific amino acids can play additional roles as biostimulants.

Aminoacids products


It exerts antimicrobial action, activates natural plant defences and has a high antioxidant capacity during post-harvest.


Promotes root system growth and development.

Botamisol 45%

Accelerates metabolism and invigorates crop growth.

Botamisol Pro 80

Ensures maximum metabolic capacity of crops.


Promotes the emission of lateral buds. Increases fruit size, number and uniformity.


Promotes fruit development, uniformity and consistency.


Accelerates and increases fruit colouring.


Re-establishes physiological balance after specific stresses, with high antioxidant and osmoregulatory capacity.


Maximises fruit setting.

Fitomaat SL

Helps to overcome water stress situations, maintaining yield and quality.

Fitomaat WG (glycine betaine 80%)

Helps to overcome water stress situations, maintaining yield and quality.


Promotes cell expansion and fruit fattening.


Promotes sugar concentration.


Enhances root system growth and improves interactions in the rhizosphere, with metabolites from Lysobacter enzymogenes and Corynebacterium flavescens.


Promotes flowering and fruit set.

Ultra V – sunscreen for plants

Protects against sunburn and solar radiation.

Vital Power

Ensures pollen grain viability and fruit set.

Vitalem Olivo

Promotes growth and enhances the olive tree production.


Promotes plant growth during all phases of the cycle.