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Seed library fridge, photos by Laia Serveto

Seed library fridge, photos by Laia Serveto

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Futureco Bioscience has donated a refrigerator to the Library of the Universitary School of Agriculture of Barcelona (ESAB) of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) to house 20 species of seeds of plants, as a loan service for students to carry out practical training.
The project stems to promote a lending service of regional traditional crop varieties, as well as to educate the university community in the value of sustainability and food security issues. This project has benefited from the expertise of the Campus Library of Lower Llobregat (BCBL), specialized in agriculture collections, the Miquel Agustí Foundation (FMA) of UPC, that works in the conservation and enhancement of regional traditional agricultural varieties, and ESAB, concerning agricultural research and training.
The service works with the seed loan for a year. Students grow and harvest the cultivated varieties, extract the seeds to make them available to the library, to provide them to the next user interested in growing them. To ensure the quality of the seeds returned, the library organizes a session for students of the ESAB to explain how to perform the process until they can return the seeds. Although anyone of the university community can enjoy this service, only the seeds returned by the students that have attended the session are included in the collection, in order to ensure the quality of the seeds provided.
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