BESTCURE lands in Mexico in partnership with Innovak Global


Futureco Bioscience, seals its partnership with Innovak Global for the exclusive distribution of BESTCURE in Mexico. BESTCURE has already been tested in the country for more than a year with excellent results, demonstrating its biocontrol effect in different field conditions of the Mexican territory and proving its potential in the market. The product is registered for high-value crops in the Mexican market, such as courgette, squash, chayote, melon, watermelon and cucumber, and the company is currently working on increasing the number of target crops and harmful microorganisms.

The agreement between the two companies comes after a fruitful negotiation between R. Juncosa (President and CEO), I. Tapia (Commercial Director), M.J. Lis (Marketing and Business Development Director), of Futureco Bioscience and A. Araujo (CEO), M. Riveros (Business development Director) and O. Cruz (Marketing Director) of Innovak Global, where it has become clear that both companies agree not only on the importance of sustainability for the future of Mexican agriculture, but also on the will to contribute practically to the progress of agricultural practices in the country.

Rafael Juncosa, President and CEO of Futureco Bioscience says: ” We are very proud to contribute to bringing sustainable agricultural solutions to the Mexican market and especially pleased about this new alliance with Innovak Global. It is a great pleasure to strengthen ties with a company that has such an important experience and reputation in the Mexican market. I am sure that this alliance will be of great support to growers who wish to implement sustainable farming strategies and help meet the most stringent crop residue requirements.”

BESTCURE is a fast-acting solution that provides farmers with a highly efficient tool against fungi and bacteria that does not induce resistances. BESTCURE is a residue-free, organic, cold-pressed extract of citrus species (Citrus reticulata and Citrus aurantium). It has a direct activity against a broad spectrum of fungus (Fusarium, Botrytis, Plasmopara, Alternaria) and bacterial (Erwinia, Xanthomonas, Ralstonia) target pathogens, while activating plant natural defenses.  BESTCURE’s innovative formulation is stabilized with additives such as antioxidants and amino acids to ensure molecular integrity and maximum activity, moreover BESTCURE is compatible with most foliar fertilizers and plant protection products. BESTCURE is highly effective for many different fruit-and-vegetable species. Finally, BESTCURE is an optimal tool for Integrated Pest Management, and it is already registered in numerous countries, such as Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru Dominican Republic, South Africa and Ukraine. Canada, Costa Rica, Ecuador EU-27, Philippines and USA are the countries where the product is in the process of registration at the moment.