19 February 2024

Futureco Bioscience opens a subsidiary in Costa Rica

  • This achievement is part of Futureco Bioscience’s global growth and expansion strategy in LATAM and adds to the previous successes achieved with the opening of its subsidiary in Mexico last October and the consolidation of its subsidiary in Peru, which was opened in 2018 and saw a 33% increase in turnover in 2023 compared to the previous year.
  • Costa Rica emerges as a strategic country for Futureco Bioscience, mainly due to its climate conducive to year-round agriculture and its commitment to sustainability. The country, interested in innovative agricultural practices, offers a favorable environment for the introduction of biotechnologies into a dynamic and sustainable market.

Barcelona, 19 of February of 2024. Futureco Bioscience, Spanish company specialized in biotechnological products for sustainable agriculture, consolidates its presence in Costa Rica, with the opening of its subsidiary this February. This new beginning, after 7 years of presence and development in the country, will expand and facilitate the direct sale of biostimulants to producers in the agro-export sector. This achievement marks a significant milestone in its regional expansion, adding to the previous successes achieved with the opening of its subsidiary in Mexico last October and the consolidation and results of its subsidiary in Peru.

Sustainable agriculture is a major sector in development for the economy of Costa Rica, a country renowned for its natural resources and rich biodiversity. This region has experienced a significant increase in demand for innovative biological solutions in the agricultural sector, making Costa Rica a particularly receptive market for the company’s initiatives. In this context, by facilitating access to innovative biotechnological products, Futureco Bioscience seeks to meet the growing demand for environmentally friendly solutions while also benefiting from dialogue between technicians and producers to enrich the development process of its technologies.

Futureco Bioscience opens a subsidiary in Costa Rica
Beginning of onion cultivation in Cartago, Costa Rica.

The wide range of biological products offered by Futureco Bioscience reflects the company’s strong commitment to research and development and the promotion of sustainable agriculture. Its extensive field experience throughout Latin America will be leveraged in Costa Rica, especially in bio-stimulation and nutrition of tropical crops such as bananas, pineapples, and coffee, as well as strawberries and vegetables. Looking ahead, the company aims to further strengthen its direct links with farmers to offer effective and tailored solutions to the most relevant issues in the country.

“Given our experience in the region, it was logical for Futureco Bioscience to open a subsidiary in Costa Rica with the aim of advancing and reinforcing our commitment in Latin America,” says Rafael Juncosa, CEO and President of Futureco Bioscience. “The growing demand for biological products in Costa Rica drives us to strengthen our presence in the region and contribute to the development of the agricultural sector. Now we can carry out this mission directly on the ground through a service closer to our customers,” explains Clevis Castellón, Area Manager for Costa Rica and the Caribbean.