17 October 2023

BestCure Biofungicide Receives OMRI Organic Certification

BestCure biofungicide obtains OMRI organic certification

Futureco Bioscience has announced that last week its BestCure biofungicide was awarded organic certification by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI), one of the most prestigious and important organic certifications globally. The biofungicide allows farmers to improve the cultivation process, as well as obtain better yields, high quality fruits and reduce the application of chemical pesticides to meet the needs of markets that demand agrochemical-free products.

Futureco Bioscience obtained OMRI certification following Bestcure’s independent review of the organic standards in the biopesticide category of the National Organic Program (NOP). The approval procedure requires review of the product composition against the list of authorized ingredients and compliance with the manufacturing process standards required in organic production. With all the documentation submitted, OMRI determined that BestCure can be used in organic production in accordance with USDA National Organic Program regulations. Bestcure can now be marketed with the legend “OMRI listed for organic use”.

The OMRI listing allows organic producers, processors and farmers to recognize Bestcure as a biopesticide allowed under the required organic standards and its application as a fungicide in organic production. Through OMRI certification, Futureco Bioscience will be able to access those food production markets restricted to organic production with Bestcure.

OMRI is an independent, non-profit organization, accredited under ISO 17065 standards by the Quality Assessment Division of the United States Department of Agriculture and dedicated exclusively to evaluate inputs. Its mission is to support growth and confidence in the global organic community through expert, independent and transparent input evaluation; and through education and technical assistance. OMRI lists inputs such as fertilizers, pest control products and animal health care products that meet organic standards. Permitted products are “OMRI Listed®” and may carry the OMRI seal.

A biological fungicide to ensure organic quality from the field to the table

Ecological and organic practices begin in the field and end at the table, more precisely on a plate. Manuel Navarro, Head of Regulatory Affairs at Futureco Bioscience highlights the importance of organic certification as a tool to access regulated markets for organic production that require certain standards.

“It is an increasingly important demand from food chains”: explains Manuel Navarro. “Listing in OMRI allows greater confidence in the use of Bestcure by farmers and distributors of plant protection products in that food products treated with Bestcure will be more widely accepted by a broad spectrum of the food chain.”

BestCure biofungicide is now ready to be marketed in Mexico, where it had already completed the registration stage, but was required to be certified organic to access certain key markets for the business.

Not just a biofungicide, but a step forward in sustainable agriculture

This new BestCure certification is undoubtedly a step forward for Futureco Bioscience, in the Mexican market and beyond, thus affirming its vision to lead the shift towards regenerative agriculture. In line with its ideals, Futureco Bioscience demonstrates once again its unwavering commitment to sustainability, innovation and quality in the field of agriculture.

Recalling its mission to distribute worldwide the products developed in its own laboratories, this new organic certification gives, to the biofungicide, an important opening to global markets. BestCure thus joins the company’s iconic partner in the biological control category, NoFly: the biological insecticide, which is also certified organic by OMRI and ÖKO, is highly effective against a wide variety of insects harmful to crops.