Launch of Bestcure in Mexico by Innovak Global

Bestcure, a broad-spectrum biological fungicide and bactericide, developed from a novel formulation based on botanical substances, was launched in Mexico by Innovak Global, exclusive distributor of the product in the country. The launching took place throughout the country in Los Mochis, Guadalajara, San Luis Potosí and Puebla, with the objective of explaining Bestcure’s benefits and mechanism of action to the various distributors in the country.

It has been almost 30 years since Futureco Bioscience’s vision has taken root in the crops of the American continent. In 2022, in a joint venture with Innovak Global, this vision extends also with the presence of Bestcure in Mexico. Innovak, a leader in the development of biorational solutions in the region, has been focused on improving the quality of fresh food and crop productivity for 25 years.

Fernando Monroy Henao, Area Manager for Colombia, Ecuador and Central America, together with Martina Roselló, Product Manager, both from Futureco Bioscience, participated in the launch. Martina explained the development, advantages and mode of action of Bestcure: “Bestcure exerts – among others – a curative action that prevents the spread of diseases. It is a fungicide/bactericide that interrupts the proliferation of the pathogen, so that the visible symptoms disappear from the leaves”.

In addition, she assures that “the product has very high efficacy on all targets and, thanks to its multiple mode of action, Bestcure does not generate resistance. It is ideal to be included in integrated pest management strategies”. Resistance is a major problem with chemical solutions, a risk that can be drastically reduced with biological control. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is the ecological and, above all, sustainable path for the future of our crops, especially in Mexico, Latin America’s leader in the agricultural sector and the main vegetable producing country in the region.

“We are very proud to contribute to bring sustainable agricultural solutions to the Mexican market and especially pleased with this new alliance with Innovak Global.”

Rafael Juncosa – CEO and president of Futureco Bioscience

Rafael Juncosa, CEO and president of Futureco Bioscience, also present at this launch series of events, expressed his enthusiasm: “We are very proud to contribute to bring sustainable agricultural solutions to the Mexican market and especially pleased with this new alliance with Innovak Global.” In 2021, Mexico’s agricultural crop production value exceeded 649 billion Mexican pesos and has a steady flow of foreign direct investment (FDI), which in the first quarter of 2022 exceeded US$22 million.

Futureco Bioscience’s CEO also added: “It is a great pleasure to strengthen ties with a company that has such an important experience and reputation in the Mexican market. I am confident that this alliance will be of great support to growers who wish to implement sustainable agriculture strategies and help meet more stringent crop residue requirements.”

This partnership brings great potential for Mexican agriculture. The country’s farmers will now have access to a sustainable and scientifically proven solution for their crops. The breakthrough to the green future and improved crop yields that the industry needs.

If you want to learn more about Bestcure’s mechanism of action, you can watch the 3D animation video that explains it in detail below.