28 September 2021

We expand our global presence: two new registrations in the Netherlands and Turkey

Two important products, one from the biocontrol family – NoFly -and another from the biostimulant family – Cromaliv – were registered respectively in the Netherlands and Turkey. These new registrations respond to the global growth of the company and to our mission: to lead the change towards regenerative agriculture, creating value through scientific knowledge and technological innovation, and contribute to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

NOFLY, available now in the Netherlands, is based on spores of the fungus Paecilomyces fumosoroseus strain FE 9901, which promotes the control of different species of whiteflies and thrips. It is known that thrips, in particular, Frankliniella occidentalis are one of the more problematic insect plague for farmers. This produces direct damage to plant tissues and fruits and indirect damage by transmitting viruses such as tomato spotted wilt virus (TSWV).

NOFLY allows easy treatment and control over this plague, which management is often complicated because of its small size, the rapid generation of resistance to synthetic insecticides, and the absence of effective biological control measures. For more information about the research and development process of NOFLY WP in Futureco Bioscience, from beginning to end, watch this video.

CROMALIV®, registered now in Turkey thanks to our key partner Sumi Agro Turkey, is a biostimulant made to improve fruit coloration and organoleptic properties. It is perfect for red and blue fruits such as berries, grapes, cherries, and plums. Through the promotion of metabolic pathways, stimulates the synthesis of anthocyanin, the responsible for the coloration range from red to lilac. Some of its benefits are the promotion of synthesis of pigments responsible for colour, but also the improvement of organoleptic properties of fruits. Besides, it increases quality of fruits and makes fruits more attractive, a crucial factor in commercial value since inviting fruits can reach a higher price range.

At Futureco Bioscience, we are proud of these two new accomplishments. These are the results of scientific knowledge application and research, technological innovation, and contributing to the improvement of our food chain. Futureco Bioscience family is growing, and we hope to keep expanding our reach in helping farmers with regenerative crop nutrition and crop protection globally.