20 September 2021

Futureco Bioscience participates in the international biocontrol agenda

This October, Futureco Bioscience is joining three influential international events in the biocontrol industry. Especially after COVID 19, these are great networking opportunities. They are spaces that allow strengthening relationships, generating new collaborations, discussing advances and products, promoting innovation in the sector, and learning about the challenges of the agrobiological industry, such as the international measures for the care of the environment.

You will find us at:

Fruit Attraction – October 5th-7th

This event is organized by IFEMA (Madrid Fair Institution) and FEPEX. It will take place this year in Madrid and through The Fruit Attraction LIVEConecta platform, which can be accessed all year round. It is a meeting opportunity for fruit and vegetable operators and companies associated with the sector.

Global Biocontrol Summit – October 13th-14th

In this second virtual issue of the Global Biocontrol Summit, the topic is the commercialization and technological development of bioproducts for sustainable agriculture. On this occasion, we will be presenting new results of NoFly, our star product, a bioinsecticide formulated based on spores of the entomopathogenic fungus Isaria fumosorosea strain FE9901 that has excellent efficacy against whiteflies, thrips, and other insects (aphids and some caterpillars). subject

ABIM  – October 19th and 20th

After the assembly on October 18th in which the vote for the position of vice-presidency of IBMA will take place, for which our R&D department is a candidate, the annual meeting of the biocontrol industry will be held. We are preparing the stand number 20 for the 19th and 20th in Basel, Switzerland. Our delegates will be present to provide valuable information about our offer and way of working.