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Formulations for the prevention and correction of mineral deficiencies in plants, caused by a low supply or lack of these nutrients. Plants with element deficiencies change their metabolic activity, which influence their appearance. Typical symptoms are tip burns, chlorosis, necrosis or foliar deformations leading to a reduction in growth and crop yield.

  • Defender Active Fe

    Defender Active Fe

    Concentrated soluble granulated iron biostimulant.

    DEFENDER Active Fe® is a granulated biostimulant based on iron and metabolites from the microbial strain B2017. It contains antioxidants that protect photosynthesis and improve the assimilation of carbon by the plant. DEFENDER Active Fe® provides the iron needed by the crops and stimulates the metabolism and the synthesis of essential carbohydrates and proteins. It improves general nutritional state and metabolic effectiveness and protects against abiotic stress and photoinhibition.

  • Defender Active Mg

    Defender Active Mg

    Concentrated soluble granulated magnesium biostimulant.

    DEFENDER Active Mg® is a magnesium-based biostimulant, formulated as a concentrated granulated solid with maximum solubility. It contains metabolites and biostimulants from the microorganism strains H641 and H523, exclusive to Futureco Bioscience. DEFENDER Active Mg® improves the vegetative growth of crops, provides more resistance to abiotic stress and increases production. It improves the health of the fruits, the sink effect and the general nutritional state of the plant.

  • Defender Active Zn

    Defender Active Zn

    Concentrated soluble granulated zinc biostimulant.

    DEFENDER Active Zn® is an exclusive granulated formula with a high concentration of zinc, antioxidants and metabolites with hormonal activity, which are released during the growth of the B818 strain microorganisms, promoting crop growth. DEFENDER Active Zn® increases vegetative growth and vigour, improves the crop yield, increases the biomass, regulates hormone synthesis and the genetic control of development factors, resulting in better flowers and fruits.

  • defender B

    Defender B

    Boron deficiency corrector for application to the plant or soil.

    DEFENDER B® is a foliar fertiliser with a high boron concentration. Its application corrects deficiencies caused in soils with low availability and in crops with a high boron demand, as this is a microelement essential for improving setting by increasing the quality of the pollen germination. In addition, this nutrient regulates hormone synthesis for correct plant growth in the most sensitive stages. DEFENDER B® intervenes in cell division processes and becomes part of the cell wall, being particularly important in the fruit development stages.

  • defender Ca

    Defender Ca

    Calcium deficiency corrector with a preventive and curative function.

    DEFENDER Ca® contains amino acids and organic acids that form complexes and mobilise the calcium towards the plant organs. Calcium is essential for growth, from germination to the ripening of the fruits, and it provides resistance and flexibility to the tissues. DEFENDER Ca® prevents problems related to calcium deficiency, such as apical necrosis, bitter-pit, cracking and premature ripening. Applying DEFENDER Ca® increases the growth rate, given its importance in protein synthesis.

  • defender Calmag

    Defender Calmag

    Calcium and magnesium deficiency corrector with a preventive and curative function.

    DEFENDER CALMAG® is a concentrated solution of calcium and magnesium to prevent deficiencies of these two elements. It contains free amino acids that facilitate nutrient transport and assimilation, as well as promoting different metabolic processes within plants. DEFENDER CALMAG® prevents the effects of calcium deficiencies (apical necrosis, fruit cracking, premature ripening) and magnesium deficiencies (reduction of photosynthetic activity). DEFENDER CALMAG® improves natural growth and crop yield.

  • defender Complex

    Defender Complex

    Solution of magnesium complex and micronutrients for foliar application.

    DEFENDER COMPLEX® is a complete product with liquid micronutrients. The micronutrient combination has been studied to provide a balance of the elements needed during each crop stage. DEFENDER COMPLEX® activates the plant metabolism and generates an optimum physiological and nutritional state that maximises yield.

  • defender Cu

    Defender Cu

    Copper deficiency corrector with a preventive and curative function.

    DEFENDER Cu® has been formulated with lignosulphonic acid that provides a higher copper complex formation rate. DEFENDER Cu® is essential to maintain an optimum photosynthetic rate. In addition, copper is a key nutrient for the N metabolism, as it modulates the use of ammonia by the crop. The presence of the lignosulphonic acid allows the copper contained in DEFENDER Cu® to act more effectively, also adding antioxidant properties to the formula.

  • defender Fe

    Defender Fe

    Iron deficiency corrector with a preventive and curative function used for foliar application.

    DEFENDER Fe® is an iron deficiency corrector used for foliar application. DEFENDER Fe® contains amino acids that increase the iron absorption and increase effectiveness. In addition, these amino acids activate different metabolic routes in the crop, promoting growth. The combination of iron with amino acids significantly increases the energy producing processes, such as photosynthesis, improving the crop health.

  • defender K

    Defender K

    Potassium deficiency corrector with a preventive and curative function.

    DEFENDER K® is a soluble concentrate based on potassium complexed with organic acids that increase absorption and translocation within the plant. Potassium is one of the three essential macroelements for crop growth and it plays an important role in the plants’ primary functions, such as carbohydrate synthesis, photosynthesis, transpiration and resistance to disease and frost. DEFENDER K® helps in those situations where a quick contribution of potassium is required due to the soil composition or to leaching.

  • defender Mg

    Defender Mg

    Magnesium deficiency corrector with a preventive and curative function.

    DEFENDER Mg® is a formulation based on a mixture of sugar acids obtained by natural fermentation processes of wheat extracts that facilitate the absorption and metabolism of magnesium (Mg). Magnesium is a microelement necessary for the composition of chlorophyll, therefore essential for the plant. It is linked to the phosphorous metabolism (P) as it participates in its absorption and transport.

  • defender Mn

    Defender Mn

    Manganese deficiency corrector with a preventive and curative function.

    DEFENDER Mn® is a product for the correction and prevention of manganese (Mn) deficiencies. The complexing of the nutrient with amino acids facilitates achieving the maximum absorption and transport within the plant. The application of DEFENDER Mn® activates different enzymes from different essential metabolic routes, such as photosynthesis and the metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates. Additionally, Mn allows the detoxification of free radicals, reducing oxidation and increasing the crop health.

  • defender MZ

    Defender MZ

    Manganese and zinc deficiency corrector with a preventive and curative function.

    DEFENDER MZ® is a soluble concentrate of manganese (Mn) and zinc (Zn). The application of DEFENDER MZ® allows correcting common deficiencies of both nutrients, that act together in several physiological functions, such as photosynthesis, protein synthesis, activation of enzymes involved in hormone synthesis and cell growth processes. The balance between Mn and Zn in DEFENDER MZ® allows maximising the absorption and transport of both nutrients.

  • defender P

    Defender P

    Phosphorous deficiency corrector with a preventive and curative function.

    DEFENDER P® is a fertiliser rich in phosphorous (P) combined with potassium (K) and microelements. The application of DEFENDER P® provides quick-assimilation phosphorous, promoting crop yield and fruit quality. Phosphorous in foliar applications immediately enhances many vital processes for the plant, particularly those related to the primary and energy metabolism.

  • defender Si

    Defender Si

    Foliar fertiliser based on silicon and amino acids.

    DEFENDER Si® is a liquid foliar fertiliser based on silicon with amino acids that increase nutrient absorption and transport. Silicon is a microelement that increases yield in cereals, particularly rice, increases resistance to fungi and bacteria, improves resistance against chemical and abiotic stress and affects the leaf quality, producing better energy metabolism.

  • defender Zn

    Defender Zn

    Zinc deficiency corrector with a preventive and curative function.

    DEFENDER Zn® is a zinc deficiency corrector based on a complex involving zinc and acid sugars. These not only improve zinc absorption but, after releasing the nutrient inside the plant, can be used by the plant to obtain energy. Zinc is important for protein and carbohydrate synthesis, and it is necessary for the metabolism of tryptophan, a precursor in the synthesis of auxins.

  • ecoquel FMZ

    Ecoquel FMZ

    Iron, manganese and zinc deficiency corrector.

    ECOQUEL FMZ® is a balanced blend of iron (Fe), manganese (Mn) and zinc (Zn) combined with L-amino acids for the prevention and correction of essential mineral deficiencies of these nutrients and for crop improvement. Especially recommended for calcareous soils. ECOQUEL FMZ® improves the common metabolic processes involving these three elements.

  • ecoquel Micromix

    Ecoquel Micromix

    Granulated mix of micronutrients 100% chelated by EDTA.

    ECOQUEL MICROMIX® is a micronutrient deficiency corrector. It includes a balanced complex of micronutrients chelated by EDTA to maximise their availability. ECOQUEL MICROMIX® is a granulated formula with maximum solubility, suitable for application in crop soils. It can be applied at any stage of the crop to increase yield and to correct deficiencies of any element included.

  • golden Fer

    Golden Fer

    Fertiliser based on iron chelated by EDDHA and with guaranteed ortho-ortho concentration.

    GOLDEN FER® is an iron deficiency corrector, granulated and 100% chelated by EDDHA. It has a guaranteed minimum 4.8% ortho-ortho isomer content, which protects iron when interacting with other soil components, improving its availability. Additionally, EDDHA mobilises the iron present in the soil, enhancing its conditioning. GOLDEN FER® is suitable to stabilise the iron content in calcareous or alkaline soils.

  • master


    Fertiliser based on iron chelated by EDDHA.

    MASTER® is a deficiency corrector based on iron chelated by EDDHA. It can be used for the prevention and correction of iron chlorosis or as a common iron contribution to maintain the necessary balance of this nutrient for the crop.

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