Defender B

Corrector de las carencias de boro para aplicación sobre la planta o el suelo.


DEFENDER B® is a foliar fertiliser with a high concentration of boron. Its application corrects deficiencies produced in soils with low availability and in crops with a high demand for boron, an essential microelement to improve fruit set, as it increases the quality of pollen germination. In addition, this nutrient regulates hormone synthesis for the correct growth of the plant in the most delicate stages. DEFENDER B® is involved in cell division processes and forms part of the cell wall, which is important in the fruit development stages.


Boro (B) 11,0 %





1 L

5 L

20 L


Action mode:

Demonstration trials

Futureco Bioscience
Av. del Cadí, 19-23 P.l.
Sant Pere Molanta 08799
Olèrdola, Barcelona España (ES)


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