Defender Calmag

Preventive and curative corrector of calcium and magnesium deficiencies


DEFENDER CALMAG® is a concentrated solution of calcium and magnesium to prevent and correct deficiencies of these two elements. It contains free amino acids that facilitate the transport and assimilation of nutrients and promote different metabolic processes in plants. DEFENDER CALMAG® prevents the effects of calcium (apical necrosis, fruit cracking, premature ripening) and magnesium (reduction of photosynthetic activity) deficiencies. DEFENDER CALMAG® improves vegetative growth and crop yield.


Calcium (CaO) 5.0%; Magnesium (MgO) 5.0%; Free amino acids 2.4%; Long chain polysaccharides 20.0%. Amino acids derived from enzymatic hydrolysis of vegetable proteins.





1 L

5 L

20 L


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