24 January 2019

Encourage scientific vocations to educate competent and happy professionals

Futureco Bioscience annually does several guided tours to high school students to the facilities. During the visits, they attend a presentation and watch two videos: Life in Futureco Bioscience, from Research to the Global market, and Development of a Biopesticide. Afterward, the group divides into two. One stays in the hall doing a challenging activity to apply what they have learned, while the other group visits the facilities and the R&D laboratories, seeing first-hand how researchers work. That researchers were in the same place where the students are now, a few years ago. What separates them, apart from time, is its academic career and professional experience.

One of the objectives of this action of Corporate Social Responsibility of Futureco Bioscience is to teach what the work of researchers consists of, in the context of a company which goal is launching products to the market. In the R&D team, that comprehends the 45% of the total workforce of the company, some people completed the careers of Chemistry, Biotechnology, Biology or Agricultural Engineering, and others got their doctorates in these specialties.

Investigadores vocaciones científicas

Beyond understanding the concepts and knowing how to solve the problems that arise in science classes in high school, when it comes to the labor market problem solving, creativity and daily work are different. They are in a team context with defined objectives. Moreover, whatever they choose, it’s better to love it. To know about it, better prove it. If they can’t experience it, they can imagine themselves in the future, working as researchers, full and happy. Working hours take half of the conscious time in the day. That is why it is important to teach what research is about, to let the student himself decide if that work will make him happy and he will be able to contribute to society and himself, by researching.