Women at the head of the research at Futureco Bioscience

Today, February 11, is the international day of girls and women of science. At Futureco Bioscience, the company’s most significant asset, which is its R + D + I Department, is made up of 65% women. Regarding positions of responsibility, the department is headed by Carolina Fernandez since 2001. Carolina has grown the Department from 2 people to the 26 that currently comprise it, divided into nine units: Microbiology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Plant Physiology, Biocontrol, Chemical Analysis, Prototypes, Regulatory Affairs, and Quality and Certifications. Of these 9, five they are directed by women.

PhDs in plant physiology, biochemistry, microbiology, and entomology. Biologists, biotechnologists, engineers, agricultural technicians, laboratory and chemical technicians. The profiles, between the biosciences, the agronomy, and the chemical sciences, are the leading academic baggage of this part of the gearing of the company.

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