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Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&I)

Since Futureco Bioscience was created in 1993, the R&D&I Department has been investigating and developing products based on natural extracts and microbial agents with biostimulant or biopesticide activity.

The R&D Department has a great capacity for screening potential microorganisms that biostimulate the plants’ biological functions, or microorganisms with biopesticide action (BCAs) to control pathogenic fungi (biofungicides), bacteria (biobactericides), insects (bioinsecticides) or nematodes (bionematicides), either in vitro, ex vivo or in vivo.

Annually, more than 1,500 in vitro and 200 ex vivo bioassays are made, from which the most effective and innovative active substances and BCAs are selected. Likewise, about 300 in vivo bioassays are performed in plants each year, using growth chamber or hot house conditions, to assess and validate both the active substances and their formulations. This capability makes Futureco Bioscience one of the most active companies in the development of biostimulants and biopesticides worldwide.

Currently, and as a result of the investment in R&D&I, 45% of the company employees are research staff.

The main research lines of the department are:


Biopesticides based on Biological Control Microbial Agents or on natural substances (botanical extracts, antimicrobial peptides, microbial metabolites...) to control pests and crop diseases.


Biostimulants based on Biological Control Microbial Agents or on natural substances (botanical extracts, amino acids, algae, microbial metabolites...) that improve plant metabolism and the response to stress situations.

The following video shows life in Futureco Bioscience and the operation of the R&D&I Department.

R&D&I Projects

From 1999 (foundation of the R&D&I Department) to 2018, the main projects completed or being developed are:

R&D&I collaborators

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