28 March 2018

Futureco Bioscience engages a new stage in Peru

Sandro Baglietto agricultura peruana

Futureco Bioscience has added a Sales Director in Peru, Sandro Baglietto. Agronomist graduated from the National Agrarian University La Molina, collegiate and experienced in team management, agricultural research trials and sales and marketing of products and services for agriculture. Baglietto has experience in the development and technical advice of nutrition and plant protection products, and has worked for several leading companies in the Peruvian agrochemical sector. We analyze with him the current situation of the agricultural market in Peru and the opportunities for protection and nutrition products of low environmental impact.

How healthy is the Peruvian agricultural market?

Healthy. In 2017, Agriculture consolidated its position as the second economic activity, generating the largest foreign exchange in Peru. This result was due to the growth of agricultural exports, mainly non-traditional products, which include red cranberries, grapes, mangoes, avocados and fresh asparagus, which registered an increase of 11%.

Do you think it’s a good focus for market development of low environmental impact products?

The phytosanitary problems and the deterioration of the soils by natural conditions in the crops are fundamental to sustain the agricultural productivity in the country. With regard to phytosanitary products, the commercialization of agrochemicals amounted to US $ 220 million in 2017, which would represent an increase of 10% compared to the US $ 200 million reached in 2016, being insecticides the most sold within this caption.

Do you see an opportunity for biopesticides in competition with conventional pesticides?

Without a doubt, for a reason. The new export markets have new strict regulations to enter agricultural products. The agro exporter is always looking for products and technologies that deal with the problems of pests without leaving residues of pesticides on their crops and therefore be able to export them correctly. Alternatives to conventional pesticides that facilitate this sale are fundamental today in Peru.

The use of biopesticides also implies a change in management, do you think farmers are prepared for integrated management or prevention practices?

Yes, because agro-exporters can also have problems of pests or diseases in their crops when they are close to harvest, where they must respect the time of lack (usually 30 days before harvest at least without any application). At that time they usually do not have products that allow them to comply with the requirements of good agricultural practices. It is in this situation that a market niche opens up for biopesticide products, which are introduced in their application programs. In this context, Futureco Bioscience has a portfolio of biopesticidesplant extracts and a nutritional line that is very attractive to the Peruvian market, which meets international requirements and also cares more for health, food safety and the environment.

What Peruvian crops do you think will be the first to benefit from Futureco Bioscience products?

The quality of the products can allow us to introduce them both in the market of export crops (asparagus, grape, avocado, blueberries, organic coffee, organic bananas) and in crops for local consumption (rice, potatoes, corn, etc.). The Futureco Bioscience biostimulant and nutritional line will be developed in all export crops and local consumption crops. Regarding the protection line, we consider that Bestcure® is suitable for grapes, avocado and rice, Biolasting® for post-harvest application in pepper, and NOFLY® for avocado, asparagus and cranberry. Even so, we have already begun testing with efficacy trials more products in more crops.

What value can you give to Futureco Bioscience as commercial director in Peru?

My experience in sales of agriculture services and knowledge of the Peruvian market, the types of distribution and the main distributors within it, the main agroindustries, the main export crops and local consumption, knowing the leading companies in sales of agrochemicals , biological products, biostimulants, fertilizers, etc.

What will be your main activity to develop?

Offer Futureco products as another tool to meet the needs of the Peruvian farmer, always seeking differentiation by supporting the development and research that each of the Futureco Bioscience products have.

What can Futureco Bioscience products bring to the Peruvian agricultural market?

Futureco Bioscience has a portfolio of attractive products for the Peruvian export market (asparagus, grape, avocado, blueberries, organic coffee, organic bananas) as well as local consumption crops (rice, potatoes, corn, etc.). These markets are looking for environmentally friendly products of zero waste to introduce them into the management of their crops. I also believe that there is an opportunity in organic agriculture that is growing in the country.