17 July 2020

The INNOLIVAR project and the evaluation of bio-insecticide prototypes for the control of the olive fruit fly: new results under field conditions

New results from the INNOLIVAR project, about the evaluation of bioinsecticide prototypes for the control of the Olive Fruit Fly. The research and Development Department of Futureco Bioscience has collected in the EcoLetter28 the results of the field trial.

In this part of the study, microbial formulations, which have already been tested under semi-field conditions, were evaluated in several olive tree plots of the “Biancolilla” variety: “conidia” in the form of wettable powder or oleous suspension and “microsclerotia” in wettable powder, based on the entomopathogenic fungus Metarhizium brunneum strain EAMb 09/01-Su. This Italian variety was selected due to the history of the recurrent presence of the insect in previous seasons in a field in Tarragona (Spain). The field results show that the prototypes in the form of wettable powder, either formulated from conidia, or microsclerotia, are more effective in reducing the emergence of B. oleae flies, compared to the oil-based formulation.