1 March 2022

The challenge of communicating in times of war

It’s 8 am and our publications for the day are already scheduled and coordinated with the campaigns that correspond to our calendar. The wording, the image, everything is ready to catch the attention for our more than 5000 farmers and followers. They expect to see products, innovation and news from the agri sector.

At the same time, a regional building explodes in Ukraine’s second largest city and 70 Ukrainian soldiers lose their lives in Okhtyrka. While we are making marketing decisions, German planes are patrolling over Poland and Russian tanks are approaching Kiev.

It only takes a few minutes of scrolling through social networks to realize the contrast of our daily lives with this war. What is the real impact on our lives? Marketing and commercial communication definitely seem superfluous in the face of images of families living underground to survive a potential attack on their homes. As a company, we believe in transparent communication and we trust the power of the expression of our values, that is why we expose the juxtaposition we are going through at this moment, the contrast, and the feeling that something does not add up.

Today, the words are not just words, but signify the outright rejection of any form of attack on freedom, to live in peace. The impact of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is being felt today by innocent people. We would like to express our support to all people who have become direct or indirect victims of this war. We sincerely hope for a quick and peaceful solution to alleviate the suffering of the people subjected to the conflict and to reduce the future consequences worldwide.