29 March 2019

Futureco Bioscience strategy to improve fruit setting and size in Avocado crops

Estrategias para el cuajado del aguacate

Creating value through knowledge is one of the pillars of Futureco Bioscience to influence the paradigm shift of the new agriculture. For this reason, technical and training sessions are carried out assiduously for agricultural technicians and farmers. In mid-March, Xabier traveled to Colombia to make a series of strategic training to increase the yield per hectare of Hass avocado crops with application programs of Ecormon, Citogrower, and Bestcure.

The most optimal program to increase the yield of avocado is based on the combined use of these three products. It consists of one application of Frudestim in pre-flowering and at 50% of flowering. Frudestim reduces crop losses due to bad fruit set or premature fruit fall, a major problem of avocado crops in Colombia. Once the fruit is set, Citogrower is applied, with the aim of increasing the size of the fruit. It should be noted that in the area of Antioquia Citogrower is being applied as a tool to promote floral induction with good results.

Finally, Rutastar is presented as an organic bactericidal fungicide that is applied preventively or curatively and guarantees the producer a harvest free of chemical residues.

Xabier concluded that “These three products have a clear efficacy and meet the expectations of the producers. As we meet technicians and producers, we realize the need to develop preventive control methods for avocado diseases such as Verticillium, Chancro, and Phytophthora, due to the fact that to date, only cultural measures are carried out to prevent its spread. Therefore, it is important to carry out preventive methods together with these cultural measures, to avoid or delay the spread of these diseases. We believe that Bestcure could be a very interesting alternative to solve this problem in which there are still no efficient organic products.”

Cultivo del Aguacate Colombia