22 June 2022

Futureco Bioscience Expands NOFLY WP Distribution in Belgium and The Netherlands with Nufarm

Futureco Bioscience, an international manufacturer of sustainable bio-protection and plant bio-stimulants, has expanded the collaboration for its signature product, NOFLY WP, with the Australian crop protection and specialty seed company Nufarm. Nufarm has been distributing biological crop protection products on the European market for over 20 years. The partnership started last year (for the Spanish market) and has been expanded this year to include the Belgian and Dutch markets. Futureco Bioscience’s NOFLY WP will be distributed as part of Nufarm´s NuBio umbrella brand to farmers in Belgium and the Netherlands. NOFLY WP is the latest addition to the NuBio portfolio, which already covers a wide range of biological crop protection products.

“We are delighted to expand our partnership with Nufarm,” says Rafael Juncosa, President & CEO of Futureco Bioscience. This expansion is a logical consequence of the cooperation in the Spanish market. I am convinced that a long-term partnership between Futureco Bioscience and Nufarm can make a significant contribution to the reduction of pesticides usage by 2030 as defined by the EU Farm to Fork (F2F) strategy”

Ivan Tapia, Futureco Bioscience Commercial Director commented: “We are confident this are just the first steps in a long-lasting and fruitful cooperation among our companies. NOFLY WP is a product where Futureco Bioscience have invested a significant amount of resources in development and registration, under the certainty of the excellent performance and safety of use, not only in organic crops but also in traditional agriculture looking to reduce the input of synthetic insecticides.”

NOFLY WP is based on spores of the patented strain FE9901 of Cordyceps fumosorosea (formerly Isaria fumosorosea and Paecilomyces fumosoroseus), an entomopathogenic fungus natural enemy of several insect pests. It has proven to be very effective against all stages of the life cycle of different species of whiteflies (Bemisia, Trialeurodes, Lecanoideus, Aleuroidicus), as well as aphids, thrips, some caterpillars and other insects that often cause significant economic losses to growers.

NOFLY WP is authorized for use in organic farming in accordance with EU, NOP and JAS standards by internationally recognized certifiers such as OMRI and BCS. C. fumosorosea is not a plant pathogenic organism and does not produce significant detrimental effects on beneficial insects, including bees and bumblebees. Moreover, NOFLY WP is compatible with other biological control practices and pesticide products, it doesn’t leave residues, and doesn’t have any re-entry intervals (REI). All these characteristics make NOFLY an especially ideal product for IPM programs.

“NOFLY WP offers the perfect option to anyone looking for an efficient solution against whitefly and thrips with significantly reduced residue,” explains Bart De Vroome, Marketing Manager BeNeLux.