19 March 2018

First results of Futuromics with Bioradicante

Published the first results of the platform Futuromics, in the Ecoletter 21, where it’s demonstrated that Bioradicante® improves rootedness in broccoli seedlings by modulating the expression of endogenous auxin biosynthesis genes and the metabolism of phenols.

A correct root development of crops is essential to enhance both primary and secondary roots, thus increasing the absorption of water and nutrients from the soil.

Bioradicante® is a biostimulant that promotes the development and modulates the root architecture, which is crucial for the plant’s development and for an optimum harvest yield. Rich in L-amino acids, it specifically increases auxin endogenous synthesis and protein synthesis and improves photosynthetic activity.

In this Ecoletter, this mechanism of action of Bioradicante® is unveiled due to the research of the Futuromics platform, designed by Futureco Bioscience in collaboration with the company Sequentia Biotech to explore the mechanisms of action at the molecular level of Futureco Bioscience products, and how their application in crops influences the metabolism and physiology of plants.

Bioradicante improves rootedness