31 May 2021

Corporate Social Responsibility, much more than a concept

Since our beginnings in 1993, in Futureco Bioscience we have been committed to the care of Planet Earth, offering agrobiotechnology applied to the development of environmentally friendly solutions, being this a commitment to society and the world in which we live, not only from the point of view of the characteristics of our products but also from all our practices, ranging from the research of an active ingredient or a microorganism to the study of the product and its marketing and distribution.

We know that our ecosystems are becoming dengerously impoverished and that the pollution generated by human beings represents millions of tonnes of waste every day: more than 50% of this is plastic waste.

In the light of these facts, our commitment to remain responsible is to offer our partner network new, environmentally friendly packaging for our entire portfolio of products for regenerative agriculture. Almost all products for agriculture are marketed in plastic bottles, but this does not have to be the case! Futureco Bioscience’s new eco-friendly packaging is made from the highest quality cardboard and contains a thin, strong plastic bag containing the product. It is easy to use and handle, and there are different sizes available to suit everyone’s requirements. This change allows customers, at no additional cost, to reduce the amount of plastic (by weight) introduced into the system by 90%, in addition to easier and more efficient waste management.

Thanks to all the efforts of our partners and their great collective responsibility towards Planet Earth and the future of the next generations, we are confident that we can take another big step towards sustainable and regenerative agriculture. Because change begins with ourselves.