Botamisol line, optimal biostimulants to profit the end of winter

Botamisol Crecimiento vegetativo

At the end of winter, a good activation of the physiological functions of the plant is vital to optimize the crop yield as much as possible. From Futureco Bioscience we recommend the Botamisol biostimulant line, which includes the BOTAMISOL® and BOTAMISOL 80 PRO® products. Both are formulations of complete aminogram obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis 100% of vegetal origin, in different concentration, dosage and availability according to the particularities of the crop and its application.

BOTAMISOL® applications are suitable to overcome stress conditions, revitalize crops in conditions such as winter outing or reduced hours of light. Its invigorating effect helps during vegetative growth, and in the stages of higher nutritional requirements such as flowering and fruit development.
BOTAMISOL 80PRO® is an aminogram of 100% vegetable origin, microgranulated and of high concentration. Its high content of L-proline gives it anti-stress properties. Its application improves the physiological state of crops, both in chemical and abiotic post-stress applications, maximizing growth. The formulation of BOTAMISOL 80PRO® allows a perfect solubility at the same time as maximum efficiency. The applications of BOTAMISOL 80PRO® activate the endogenous routes of hormone synthesis improving the growth of the crops.

Do you know how these biostimulants work? We explain it in this video