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Defence activators stimulate the natural defense mechanisms of plants against the attack of pathogens and diseases (fungi and bacteria). These products do not show a direct activity against pathogens but triggers in the plant the same biochemical modifications as observed after natural activation of systemic acquired resistance (SAR). Their application results in accumulation of phenols and phytoalexins, natural compounds with low molecular weight that avoid proliferation of plant pathogens.

  • alfositol


    Plant defence activator against fungi and bacteria.

    ALFOSITOL® is a preventive and curative defence activator. It induces the synthesis of phytoalexins, natural plant defences, reducing the damage caused by pathogenic agents. Its effect can be microbiostatic or microbicide depending on the dose level. The combination of these actions is important because it reduces and/or eliminates wounds caused by bacteria and prevents infection by pathogenic fungi spores. The formulation facilitates complete absorption by the leaves and efficient translocation towards sprouts, fruits and roots.

  • fosfimax 30-20

    Fosfimax 30-20

    Plant defence activator against fungi and bacteria.

    FOSFIMAX 30-20® is a phosphorous and potassium solution. Translocated upwards and downwards, it accumulates mainly in damaged areas, helping the plant to recover and strengthen. The high concentration of phosphorous makes FOSFIMAX 30-20® an ideal product to be used during the entire crop cycle, particularly for the fruiting stages.

  • fosfimax 40-20

    Fosfimax 40-20

    Plant defence activator against fungi and bacteria.

    The high quality of FOSFIMAX 40-20® means that it can be easily absorbed, then translocated throughout the plant acropetally and basipetally, achieving a long-lasting elicitation effect (activation of natural plant defences). As a preventive agent, it stimulates the natural plant defences and increases the synthesis of phytoalexins. It effectively prevents infections by oomycetes fungi (Peronospora, Phytophthora, Pythium, Plasmopara…)

  • fosfimax Ca

    Fosfimax Ca

    Plant defence activator against fungi and bacteria with a calcium supplement.

    FOSFIMAX Ca® induces the plants’ natural defences while preventing and correcting physiopathies related to calcium deficiencies, such as apical necrosis, citrus fruit drop, bitter-pit, etc. The phosphorous in FOSFIMAX Ca® increases the plant’s resistance against cryptogrammic diseases, stimulates growth and acts on the hormonal system, promoting phytoalexin production to prevent the activity of pathogens.

  • fosfimax Cu

    Fosfimax Cu

    Plant defence activator against fungi and bacteria with a copper supplement.

    FOSFIMAX Cu® is a concentrated source of phosphorous and potassium, especially recommended for those stages when there is a maximum need for these macronutrients. Additionally, FOSFIMAX Cu® provides copper to support the use of nitrogen and increase protein synthesis, while also helping to correct the deficiencies of this element in order to enhance the plants’ natural defences. Applying FOSFIMAX Cu® allows the plant to maintain an adequate level of phenols and phytoalexins, which stimulate its natural defences.

  • fosfimax Mg

    Fosfimax Mg

    Plant defence activator against fungi and bacteria with a magnesium supplement.

    FOSFIMAX Mg® induces the plant’s natural defences, preventing and correcting magnesium deficiencies. It promotes photosynthesis and root development and strengthens the flowering, setting and ripening processes. FOSFIMAX Mg® provides the plant with a high concentration of phosphorous, which stimulates its natural defences. Additionally, it provides resistance against certain fungi and strengthens the stem and roots against pathogenic attacks.

  • fosfimax Zn

    Fosfimax Zn

    Plant defence activator against fungi and bacteria with a zinc supplement.

    FOSFIMAX Zn® induces the plant’s natural defences while preventing and correcting zinc deficiencies. FOSFIMAX Zn®, with a base of zinc and phosphorous, promotes the enzymatic activation of the plant’s metabolism, auxin synthesis and correct growth. FOSFIMAX Zn® promotes the synthesis of phytoalexins, antimicrobial compounds that help fight phytopathogenic bacteria and fungi attacks. It has a systemic action and is absorbed and quickly distributed to all the different parts of the plant.

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