13 February 2018

Futureco Bioscience and Sequentia Biotech sign a collaboration agreement to undertake Futuromics

Futureco Bioscience, agrobiotech company dedicated to research, development, manufacture and global marketing of biopesticides and biostimulants with low environmental impact, and Sequentia Biotech, biotech company pioneer in the analysis of omic data, have signed a collaboration agreement to undertake the project Futuromics.

The industry has greatly increased knowledge about the mode of action of biostimulants and biopesticides, but part of this knowledge is theoretical and is based on scientific literature or on empirical tests that do not take into account the specific formulations that accompany the active ingredient from which you have the knowledge. There is a gap in more specific data, such as omic data, which refers, in molecular biology, to genes, proteins and other biomolecules that occur in an organism, as well as its relationships with other organisms in an ecosystem, and in a concrete situation.

Futuromics is a platform to explore the mechanisms of action at a molecular level of Futureco Bioscience products, both in the market and in development, and how their application in crops influences the metabolism and physiology of plants. With this platform, specific information will be collected on how a biostimulant or biopesticide developed by Futureco Bioscience affects the functions of the plant, in order to favor the constant improvement and innovation that makes Futureco Bioscience a leader in R+D+I, and obtain much more information to demonstrate with greater scientific rigor the efficacy of the products and their respect to the ecosystem and biodiversity in which the crops grow.

Sequentia Biotech, as leading company in the design and implementation of data analysis software in the field of agrobiotechnology, has the technological infrastructure and the necessary human and technical equipment to facilitate the process of analyzing data obtained in the different studies carried out by Futureco Bioscience

Carolina Fernández, Director of R&D of Futureco Bioscience, states that this collaboration “will allow the Molecular Biology Unit of the R&D Department to increase the speed and robustness of its research in this field, which represents a great support for the Technical-Commercial Department, as well as for the Department of Regulatory Affairs “. Walter Sanseverino, CEO of Sequentia, adds that, “Indeed, omics tools are an indispensable resource both to understand how these products work and their effect on plants and the environment. At Sequentia, we are dedicated to transforming this data into knowledge and we are fully aligned with respect and care of the environment, and we are delighted to be able to collaborate with Futureco in this mission”

Futureco Bioscience and Sequentia Biotech sign a collaboration agreement to undertake Futuromics
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