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Soil Conditioners

Products added to soil to improve its physico-chemical properties and promote plant growth and health. These products improve soil structure by enhancing water retention and cationic exchange, adding organic matter, increasing nutrient uptake and stimulating microbial growth.

  • bioterra


    Liquid organic-mineral corrector.

    BIOTERRA® is a combined soil conditioner with 25% organic molecules of natural origin and trace elements that improve the crop development. Using it systematically improves the soil structure and the state of microbial life, producing healthier crops and a higher yield with a lower need for fertilising.

  • ecosalt


    Conditioner for saline and sodium rich soils.

    ECOSALT® is a soil conditioner specifically formulated to reduce salinity and improve flocculation, enhancing porosity and penetration of irrigation water. It stabilises the soil pH and dramatically reduces the sodium content, improving crop growth and preventing saline stress. ECOSALT® promotes root growth due to increasing porosity, as well as more efficient absorption of water and nutrients.

  • vigoral Mol

    Vigoral Mol

    Soil conditioner, organic matter.

    VIGORAL MOL® is a natural organic matter obtained from sugar beet production and fermentation. Its application improves the physical-chemical soil characteristics, promoting cationic exchange and unlocking phosphorous, potassium and trace elements. VIGORAL MOL® promotes the growth of beneficial edaphic microorganisms, helping the development of a good root system.

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