Tips for the use of agricultural inputs in Mexican key crops

Xabier Gainzarain, Product Manager of Futureco Bioscience, travelled during the month of May to Mexico to meet with Diego Sánchez and César H. Ramírez of SIPCAM ADVAN, the official distributor of Futureco Bioscience products in Mexico.

The trip involved crop field visits and technical trainings of Fitomaat®Citogrower®Alfositol® and Bestcure® in the areas of Guadalajara, Villahermosa and Mexicali, on the most significant crops of each region.

The trainings focused mainly in Banana, horticulture, table grapes, alfalfa and fruit trees, particularly in strategies for yield improvement, abiotic stress palliation and disease control methods.

Xabier presented how FitoMaat® offers an effective prevention to mitigate stress due to water deficit and high temperatures. Applications are recommended during the hottest months of June, July and August. In the areas of Guadalajara and Villahermosa this biostimulant to overcome stress situations has great potential in banana farms, and it provides a specificity thanks to its composition in Glycine-Betaine and Proline, which increases the resilience of the crop in adverse weather conditions.

Citogrower® increases the size and uniformity of banana, and joint strategy trials of this product with Fitomaat® are being completed to increase crop yields, especially in Villahermosa. In Mexicali its application in alfalfa also gives very good results, and it will start to be applied also on cotton and chives.

Alfositol® is used as a preventive in horticulture. Bestcure®, as an organic product of zero waste for the control of fungi and bacteria in stages close to harvest, is a tool with high expectations, since it fills a gap for exporting producers that don’t have tools that guarantee a final product free of residues. Trials conducted with both products Alfositol® and Bestcure® in both preventive and curative application cycles against black Sigatoka in banana.

Cultivo banano guadalajara villahermosa mexicali