9 May 2019

Steps to reverse climate change

Futureco Bioscience, in line with its environmental responsibility and its commitment to the sustainability of its activity, has adhered to the Carbon Footprint and CO2 Compensation Registry Program of the Ministry for Ecological Transition. This program arises in response to the growing sensitivity of society, and as an incentive to fight against climate change and the development of low carbon economies.

Guided by the motto of the seal of the program: “Calculate, Compensate, Reduce”, Futureco Bioscience participates in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through an improvement and progress plan. To implement this program, the company detects and analyzes its current sources of carbon footprint and establishes a plan to reduce them, thereby contributing to the fight against climate change.

This initiative is also added to the policies, indicators, and tools of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility, subject to the United Nations Global Compact, and to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 13 for Climate Action.

Programa de registro de huella de carbono y compensación del co2