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The general objective of the project was to develop a biotechnological process that would allow obtaining biomolecules with biostimulant or phytosanitary antimicrobial or nematicidal activity. Concretely, these biomolecules were peptides and amino acids of vegetable origin obtained through different sources of local by-products from agricultural, agrifood industry and energy sources. The products designed from this project will contribute to the improvement of the productivity of the crops, while reducing the environmental impact.

The main results achieved have been:

  • Selection of 4 sub products of optimum vegetable origin as raw material, based on their protein content, amino acid profile as well as their availability. Initially 29 vegetable sources and by-products of the agrifood industry were studied. The 4 selected sources complied with the legislation on fertilizer legislation (Annex V of Royal Decree 506/2013).
  • Design of the process to obtain Hydrolysed Prototypes in a single stage
  • Production of three of the prototypes: M3, M7 and M13, from 4 vegetal sources, with interesting efficiencies for the control of root-knot nematodes (Meloidogyne). The three prototypes showed an effect on the hatching of eggs and especially on the survival of juveniles, penetration into the plant (climatic chamber tests on tomato and cucumber plants), and on the reproduction of the nematode (greenhouse tests on tomato plants and cucumber)
  • Optimization of the hydrolysis process at a pre-industrial scale (14L bioreactors) and study of the viability of the process on an industrial scale (in 130L bioreactors)
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