High Quality products for crop nutrition and crop protection

  • biopesticides



    Products with infective units (propagules) of entomopathogenic microbials (fungi and bacteria) as active ingredient. Biopestcides represent an environmentally friendly alternative for control of several pests and diseases. These products are safe for human and animal health, have a minimal impact on beneficial organisms and do not generate residues on crops. Furthermore, their complex mode of action avoids generation of resistances in the target pests. Biopesticides are specially suitable for Integrated Pest Management Systems (IPM) and Organic Farming.

  • biostimulants



    Multi-nutritional formulations containing microelements, peptides, polysaccharides and L-free amino acids (biologically active). Their application provides nutritional growth factors to stimulate metabolism in plants. These products are rapidly absorbed by foliage and roots for maximum nutritional benefit with minimal energy consumption.

  • extracts


    Botanical extracts

    Natural products derived from plants: roots, leaves, berries, barks, stems and flowers. These products have antimicrobial, insecticide or repellent activities. As natural origin substances represent an environmentally friendly alternative for crop protection. Their complex mode of action prevents development of resistances in the target pests or pathogens. Botanical extracts are one of the most adequate inputs for Organic Farming and Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

  • aids



    Products that help absorption, application and effectiveness of the active principles that are applied to crops.

  • defense


    Defence activators

    Defence activators stimulate the natural defense mechanisms of plants against the attack of pathogens and diseases (fungi and bacteria). These products do not show a direct activity against pathogens but triggers in the plant the same biochemical modifications as observed after natural activation of systemic acquired resistance (SAR). Their application results in accumulation of phenols and phytoalexins, natural compounds with low molecular weight that avoid proliferation of plant pathogens.

  • deficiency


    Deficiency correctors

    Formulations for the prevention and correction of mineral deficiencies in plants, caused by a low supply or lack of these nutrients. Plants with element deficiencies change their metabolic activity, which influence their appearance. Typical symptoms are tip burns, chlorosis, necrosis or foliar deformations leading to a reduction in growth and crop yield.

  • soil


    Soil conditioners

    Products added to soil to improve its physico-chemical properties and promote plant growth and health. These products improve soil structure by enhancing water retention and cationic exchange, adding organic matter, increasing nutrient uptake and stimulating microbial growth.

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