Ultra V

Invisible UVA and UVB filtering sunscreen biostimulant. Protection against heat stress.


ULTRA V ® is a biostimulant with a unique formulation of zinc and free amino acids obtained by bacterial fermentation with microorganisms of the Brevibacterium sp.


Free amino acids 6%, Total nitrogen (organic) 1%, Zinc (Zn) 0.16%, Organic carbon 5%.





1 L

5 L

20 L


Action mode:

ULTRA V ® prevents damage from solar radiation conditions, creating a protective layer that reflects solar radiation, as well as moisturizing plant tissues. In addition, it has healing properties that encourage the repair of radiation-damaged tissues and lesions.

* Contains anti-oxidants, polysaccharides, unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins


  • L-Free Aminoacids 6,0
  • Total nitrogen (organic) 1,0
  • Zinc (Zn) 0,16
  • Organic carbon 5,0


  • Easy-to-dosage dispersible oily liquid formulation
  • Based on fatty acids
  • Forms a transparent film on the tissues
  • Residue-free
  • Compatible with most commonly used products
  • Does not damage application systems

ULTRA V ® formulation has been optimized for foliar spray application, ensuring a good fruit coverage. We recommend applying ULTRA V® preventively, in the months of greatest solar radiation, before high temperatures begin. We also recommend periodic applications, according to the meteorological conditions and specificities of each crop.

In an emergency scenario, treatment can also start when the first signs of damage are found. ULTRA V ® is compatible with most of the PPP and foliar fertilizers, even though we recommend to not mix it with alkaline products, copper salts or sulfur products. For optimal usage, if you are using ULTRA V® for the first time, we recommend to carry out a small-scale pilot test before using it on the crop.

What does it do?

ULTRA V blocks and heal heat stress and sunburn in crops

Long fatty acids – Reflect and scatter radiation and have a moisturising effect

Short fatty acids – Absorb radiation

Zinc – Induces Heat Shock Proteins biosynthesis

Antioxidants & aminoacids – Protecting protein structures

Flavonoids – can both protect the skin from damage caused by UV light and also accumulate in the outer tissues, repairing that damage

What is it for?

ULTRA V prevents the farmer from suffering yeield quality losses

  1. To decrease overall absorbed UV and infrared radiations
  2. To minimize sun damage to fruit (both radiation and temperature)
  3. To avoid temperature rising and reducing heat stress
  4. To reduce the generation of oxidative molecules
  5. To provide a moisturizing effect that improves the appearance of the skin
  6. To avoid special treatments for cleaning the fruit in the packing lines and to avoid the accumulation of residues in the emptying tanks
  7. To increase crop performance augmenting the number of marketable fruits
  8. To maintain photosynthesis and thus the adsorption of nutrients and water
  9. To improve fruit quality, and post-harvest life

Demonstration trials

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Av. del Cadí, 19-23 P.l.
Sant Pere Molanta 08799
Olèrdola, Barcelona España (ES)




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