Botamisol Pro 80

Ensures maximum metabolic capacity of crops.


Amino acids are critical for plant metabolism. Botamisol PRO 80 contains a high concentration of a broad range of free L-amino acids – produced by enzymatic hydrolysis of 100% plant material, that are fully absorbable and physiologically functional for the crop. Botamisol PRO 80 can be applied by foliar application and fertigation.  Botamisol PRO 80 application not only helps the crop to overcome environmental stressful conditions, but it also has an invigorating effect that supports all stages of high nutritional requirements such as transplanting, flowering or fruit development. Botamisol PRO 80 ensures the plant maximum metabolism capacity.


Free L-Aminoacids* 80%, total Nitrogen 13.5%. Typical aminogram: aspartic acid, glutamic acid, histidine, serina, glycine, threonine, arginine, alanine, tyrosine, valine, methionine, phenylalanine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, proline, tryptophan. (*Aminoacids obtained by Brevibacterium sp. fermentation of plant proteins).



0,5 Kg

2,5 Kg




Action mode:

Botamisol PRO 80: amino acids to stimulate plant metabolism

Botamisol’s L-amino acids (aa) stimulate plant metabolism, especially in situations where environmental stress has occurred, thus increasing crop yields.

The application of L-aa reduces the energy expenditure involved in protein synthesis, which in turn is essential for plant growth.

In addition, L-aa acts as a nutrient chelator, favouring their absorption and therefore improving the nutritional state of the plant, which has a favourable effect on the yield and quality of the crop.

What is Botamisol?

Botamisol® is a biostimulant composed of a highly concentrated complete aminogram, with 17 biologically active amino acids obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis from vegetable sources. When applied by foliar spray or irrigation, Botamisol® is rapidly adsorbed and its amino acids provide the plant with the extra energy it needs through its cycle, sustaining high consumptions stages, strengthening environmental stress tolerance and, ultimately, improving in the quantity and quality of the harvest.

Amino acids formulation

  • Highly soluble granular formulation
  • Rapid adsorption
  • Easy handling
  • Complete, optimally balanced aminogram
  • Amino acids obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis of plant proteins
  • Low salt content

What does it do for plant metabolism?

Boost plant growth and ensure maximum plant metabolism capacity

Botamisol® supplies plants with a complete and balanced range of amino acids that intervene directly in the plant’s physiology, it is especially indicated for plant’s phenological stages of high energetic demand. Botamisol® accelerates plant’s metabolism in both optimal and adverse conditions (drought, high temperatures, humidity, phytotoxicity, frost, etc.)

What is it for?


  • Reduction of plant losses due to post-transplanting water imbalance
  • Improved transplanting in adverse environmental conditions
  • Productive precocity


Ensures maximum plant metabolism capacity and crop yield by:

  • Ensuring pollination in adverse conditions
  • Improving pollen resistance to extreme temperatures
  • Boosting germination power and elongation of the pollen tube
  • Increasing productive longevity
  • Reinforce fruit setting
  • Improve consistency extending post-harvest performance


  • Delays leaf senescence
  • Guarantees optimal water balance
  • Favors optimal vegetative development
  • Reactivates and maintains cell turgor
  • Ensures stomatal aperture (respiration)

Demonstration trials

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