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Isabel Haro

Isabel Haro

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Everything that comes in and leaves the factory of Futureco Bioscience such as products, formulations and processes have to be audited in order to meet the standards of quality certifications ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, as also fulfil the technical specifications to trade agrobiological inputs. Behind the rigorous analysis, combined with innovative work to bring to the market new formulations, is Isabel Haro, Head of the Quality Department of Futureco Bioscience. Isabel works between Production and R&D&I, since eight years ago, and expects many more, as she admits she cannot conceive a richer, more balanced and promising work for her personal and academic profile, and yet so conciliatory to the kind of life that she loves to share with her family and friends. Work well to live better, summarizes her interview.

Where do you come from and where are you going?

My origin is in Almeria, and my life in Catalonia, where I studied Industrial Engineering specializing in Industrial Chemistry. I've been working already for eight years in the Quality Department of this company and I am very comfortable here. I will continue working as usual in those things I already do for this business and work also in developing new products in Futureco Bioscience.

How do you remember your beginning? Did you came directly from university or you already had some professional experience?

I started in February 2007. I sent my CV to an offer. It was not a job from what is mine, as I worked as a commercial in an optics, and took time looking for something related to what I had studied. I remember a comfortable interview with José Manuel Lara (Technical Director) and Rafael Juncosa (CEO of Futureco Bioscience). A few days later I had a call from them and started to work in the company.

What about your start?

Somewhat a rare entry, because I went to work in Sant Llorenç d'Hortons, where the production plant was, and my boss was in Castelldefels, in the laboratories of R&D, several kilometers away. At first it was difficult because communication with him was by phone. When you start a job to practically develop the Quality Department from its inception without daily direct support its costs a bit.

You were hired to launch the Quality Department.

I was hired to build the quality control protocols, and to bring the management of ISO 9001, already implemented. I joined to help José Manuel Lara on all those issues of ISO.

Also in ISO 14001 environmental management?

In that sense I had to take the issue of waste management and that has been more recent.

What exactly is your job?

I am in quality control of manufacturing, that means that once a manufacturing process is completed I must give the OK of what has been manufactured to empty the reactors and package the product to commercialize it ... I give Ok when I see that the products meet the requirements of quality and technical specifications. Besides, I also do quality management, I have registrations of incoming raw materials, intermediate registrations, finishing, packaging material, and I take care that everything is correct for the ISO.

Do you like what you do?



Because it is related to what I studied and I was trained for. It is a work to be carried with great rigor and much order. I am a very neat and organized person. I like to see that what is being done is being done well, step by step, and I am in the process from the beginning to the end, overseeing that everything goes well.

It feels good to finish a project not having missed anything.

In a way yes. I am in a position that allows me to be present at all stages, from the prototype to the final product. To finish a project with quality means launching a product to the market.

You also work with R&D&i?

I'm in innovation of formulations and improvement of already commercialized products. We analyse the steps to bring the product from the idea to the industrial production process. In short, I'm straddling between Production and R&D&i. Sometimes working on strategic objectives of R&D, and sometimes adapting to the needs of customers. We select raw materials and processes to manufacture a prototype of what the client needs.

Do you adapt products according to customer needs?

Yes. If dealers who ask Futureco Bioscience to take care of the innovation process to suit a product according to market demands. It is also something that we do.

What kind of products are you developing more on innovation?

Biostimulants for specific crops in which we work with the Unit of Plant Physiology, leaded by Laia Arrom, and the formulation Unit, which leads Victor Quero.

Both fairly recent additions that are part of the R&D strategy of the company.

Yes. The goal is to innovate in the field of bio-stimulants, redefining and applying new active ingredients. In this sense we are developing a new line of more efficient and environmentally friendly products, where the formulation itself has one high technological and innovative component that increases the bioavailability of the active ingredients of the formulations. We are developing a cross-sectional study involving all departments and in which each brings their best abilities. It turns into a creative work as a team, it's motivating and with extraordinary results.

What have you learned through this process?

I have learned to be independent. I work independently, while collaborating with staff and also with suppliers from out of the company.

Do you also work with customers?

I don't deal directly with customers. I deal more with suppliers on external raw materials, laboratories (query, analysis ... From clients come to me requests from the Business Department.

Is there any particular job satisfaction you'd like to note?

The satisfaction of being here in front of the Quality Department. That every time I make more, I have more responsibilities and learn from what I do daily, from paperwork and bureaucracy more linked to compliance with the ISOs, to more creative tasks. The satisfaction that everything is going well and I partly contribute to it.

You are responsible.

Everyone in the workplace should be responsible. I think that given my position in the company I must be very demanding with myself, I must have strict control of what comes out of our facilities. At the end, the commercial product is the image of Futureco Bioscience.

How important is your work in your life?

The work is a means to live, and work well to live in the best way possible. I am serious and meticulous at work. I am pleased that since I joined the company, this department has gone forward and everything is working fine.

Do you feel good in the company?

Yes. For my job and also because my schedule is perfect for my personal life. I get along with the rest of the team. In addition, the company has grown quickly, it makes also a good sense focusing in respecting the environment.

Did you expect to be where you are now when you began looking for a job eight years ago?

The truth is that my dream, coming from the where I come from, was to be quietly in a laboratory. I got it. It's what I do. When I worked in optics, although I liked working with the public, it was not my thing. Mine is to go about doing things that are going well, it is to be in the lab working with projects and tasks that I have to do.

You need to focus more abstractly with scientific knowledge.

Totally. It's what I like. Being scientific and meticulous. Being commercial, didn't give me wrong, but I felt it's not my thing. I learned to sell, yes. And it gave me rather by ease of learning and listening than by vocation, because you can learn from everyone. The truth is that now I'm where I wanna be.

What are your expectations within Futureco Bioscience?

Now I'm fine, but I think I'll be even better. I see many perspectives of learning and development with the new team, and how they are developing new product lines; I see I have many opportunities to learn new procedures, techniques and processes.

Where do you see yourself in five or six years?

I see myself here, in Futureco Bioscience, sharing to reach achievements for the company.

And working on something exciting.

I can not say I'm in an assembly always moving a piece of siege. I never do the same thing every day, as it's always different, and every day I combine different tasks, office and laboratory. I can be on quality, production and R&D.

What do you like doing in your spare time?

I am a lover of simplicity. My priorities are my people and enjoy life. The work helps me to do it.

And from what you enjoy, what hobbies do you have?

I love swimming. That is boring for many people. I like it. Now I found an outdoor pool, and I love swimming in the winter there, watch the sky, the smoke on the water surface... I also like to walk. I'm looking forward to Joan, my son, gets a little bigger to go biking together.

And some culture content you want to recommend us?, a book?

I love the literature of Arturo Pérez Reverte. The two books I liked most from him were "La Reina del Sur" (Te Queen of the South) and "La Piel del Tambor" (The Skin of the Drum). Also a book that I loved is "Pura Vida" (Pure life), from José María Mendiluce. Strongly recommended.

And music?

I like all kinds of music. A group that I like since I was a kid is Bon Jovi. I keep hearing it today and going to concerts whenever he comes to Barcelona. I also like David Bisbal, Spanish music and rock of the eighties.

Any movie?

Dirty Dancing. I've seen that film I don't know how many times.

Do you try at home the dancing jump final scene with your husband?

With him I can't... Or rather he cannot with me!

Any travel destination?

Almería. Where I was born. There's no summer without a short trip to my village, Cariatiz. There I go to get a shot of life.

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