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Ecoletter 17: FitoMaat® improves resistance to hydric stress on tomato plants

Ecoletter 17: FitoMaat® improves resistance to hydric stress on tomato plants

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One of the duties of a company that sells agrobiological products for plant protection and nutrition of zero waste is to demonstrate its efficacy on specific crops and soil and climatic conditions. Furthermore, safety on the environment and biodiversity must be tested, and prove that these products are nontoxic for plant or animal species, they don't pollute and neither leave residues that aren't biodegrable in a short term. That is the reason why Futureco Bioscience publishes Ecoletters, periodic technical publications that demonstrate the efficacy and properties of the products we develop, produce and sell.

This week we publish an Ecoletter on biostimulant FitoMaat®, tested in tomato plants subjected to hydric stress or drought, one of the abiotic stresses that most limits plant growth, jeopardizing to greater or lesser extent its physiology. In water stress conditions the plant devotes its resources to survive, but not to produce, reducing crop yields.

In the trials published in this Ecoletter, it is shown that the application of FitoMaat® at 1% and 2% besides protecting from the adverse effects of drought, also increases plant growth.

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