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Unexpected properties of a bionematicidal bacteria

Growth promoting activity after treating tomato plants with Le-B25

Growth promoting activity after treating tomato plants with Le-B25

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Recently, part of the R&D Staff of Futureco Bioscience attended the 10th International PGPR (Plant Growth Promotion Rhizobacteria) Workshop in Liege, Belgium, to present two trials published today in Ecoletter number 16, which includes the results of the research: Lysobacter enzymogenes B25, a new PGPR strain with nematicidal activity.

In the assays exposed in this Ecoletter, the R&D Department of Futureco Bioscience has shown that Lysobacter enzimogenes strain B25, which patent is in process, has not only properties as a Biological Control Agent against nematode pests, as it has been already referenced to other strains of this species, but also presents biostimulant growth promoting activity in the plant.

The tests were done on tomato plants infected Meloidogyne javanica, one of the most widespread globally species of phytonematode pests that affects the roots of a broad spectrum of crops causing great economic losses. These tests show that Le-B25 is a strain with potential to be the active ingredient of a commercial bionematicide with biostimulant growth properties.

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