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Frame of the video where Fubi explains traceability

Frame of the video where Fubi explains traceability

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Futureco Bioscience has made public today a disseminative video about its traceability systemThis system parameterizes the traces or path of each product, allowing to control, in each production phase, and for each batch of product, the origin and nature of the raw materials, the production conditions, the physico-chemical characteristics and other data, to know in detail the history of that batch of product that will be sold to the final consumer. It is a dynamic quality control system, which analyses the compliance of each phase of the production process in order to move to the next one. Everything has to meet previous planned as strandard requirements.

This allows Futureco Bioscience to control all quality parameters, ensure the suitability of the composition and the production process in a rigorous way, and have a history to demonstrate that the final product meets the standards and regulations of the market, as well as preferences of the final consumer.

The video combines animation with real images, and presents the cartoon Fubi, a fiction scientist of Futureco Bioscience.

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