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Home of the website of the Congress Smart Fruit

Home of the website of the Congress Smart Fruit

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Home of the website of Fruit Logistica

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February opens with two important international events in the arena of the agri-food industry: The Smart Fruit Congress, from the 2nd to the 4th february in Barcelona, and Fruit Logistica in Berlin, which follows it from the 5th to the 7th.

Smart is becoming a fashionable prefix. It means innovation, modernity, creativity, sustainable technology development, urban planning, environment, transport and coexistence. The smart new approach involves a more thoughtful and inclusive sense of the consequences of the development of human activity and its impact on the planet. Smart Fruit acts as a center for the dissemination of research, activities and innovation of the agri-food sector, bringing together its participants, consultants, producers and experts in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) of different regions of the world in order to share experiences and techniques that improve the performance of fruit crops and meet the needs of an increasingly responsible and intelligent consumer.

On the other hand, Fruit Logistica is an event that expands its reach beyond Integrated Pest Management and addresses the entire chain of production and distribution of fresh agricultural products. Fruit Logistica will host more than 2500 companies throughout the global trade chain and resembles mostly an exhibition centre to promote marketing and business agreements than a meeting for knowledge exchange and discussion. Managers of the R&D and Communication Departments of Futureco Bioscience will participate in both events, key from the point of view of raising new management models and agreements in the agri-food business.

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