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Carolina Fernández explaining what does, offers and is Futureco Bioscience interested in.

Carolina Fernández explaining what does, offers and is Futureco Bioscience interested in.

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On 12th December 2013 took place the 1st meeting between scientists and companies of plant protection and nutrition between 10 am and 5 pm at the Institute of Catalan Studies (IEC) in Barcelona. The event, organized by the Plant Section of the Catalan Society of Biology (SCB), brought together 73 people from institutions and research organizations, the government and companies across Spain to attend lectures and networking sessions at a rapid pace. Futureco Bioscience participated as a speaker and sponsor impeller. 
For Ana Caño, director of the Plant Section of the SCB, researcher at the High Scientific Research Centre (CSIC) and ideologue of this meeting, noted that the success of assistance and response had been much greater than expected. Though initially there were expected 30 assitants, the event finally attended more than 70 participants, with 23 companies, counted also with the representation of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, industrial property and patent services, as also Biovegen, the platform for boosting public-private vegetal biotechnology, which also contributed to the organization of the event.
The presentations of science and business sessions had a premise: specificity. Within five minutes both researchers and project managers responsible for R&D Departments of the participating companies had to expose what they did, what they offered and what did they request. By means, what where they interested in selling and buying. Putting aside the materials and methods, they focused on the business scope and potential of the results as far as innovation and business opportunities are concerned.
Researchers are increasingly forced to go out and do public relations to figure out how to continue funding the knowledge linked to economic growth and development, or at least their survival. All the attendant entities that scope internationally concluded the same: Spain produces an excellent science, but monetizes it very inefficiently. To promote a better transfer between R&D and innovation that generates or hold the market we are still far behind.
Besides the assessment of the possibilities of joint action, sharing, and demanding and offering services of both research and innovation, as also knowledge transfer in the field of physiology, genetics or plant protection and nutrition with agricultural interest, the attendees raised and concluded the need to form a lobby and specific task groups for different lines of action. With the European funding Horizon 2020 just around the corner, and without hesitating to be cautious in case another wave of cuts of funds on public research, researchers are forced to interact and offer the world new things. The need of collaboration in aim to survive was palpable. To cooperate or die.
Surely this day marked a new mutual approach between many companies and academia, such as the exchange of information and knowledge benefits, the contact between suppliers and users of technology and an ease of access to funding of R&D projects. Futureco Bioscience is one of the drivers and sponsors of this initiative, with its effort to continue to promote partnerships and institutional relationships to grow more and bring more value to society, science and industry players.
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