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The success of an innovation depends on the legal framework within it is developed

Manel Navarro Casas

Manel Navarro Casas

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The success of an innovation, as almost anything in life, is the combination of a good job of development and seize the right opportunity to implement it. Sometimes a good idea is not enough, it must be possible to be materialized at the right time and place. When we talk about innovation in crop protection and fertilizers, it must not only offer something new that meets the needs of the market, it must also comply with all requirements of the legal framework where it will be applied.

For Futureco Bioscience, register a new product in different countries with different regulations, as patenting internationally a development, involves a series of processes, resources, time, work and bureaucracy. Ten years ago Futureco Bioscience hired outside counsel. Today the company has its own Regulatory Affairs Department, which added recently the expert in registration and regulatory affairs Manel Navarro Casas, with an experience of 20 years in the area of crop protection, organization of zonal authorization applications according Regulation 1107/2009, EU registration and has led the direction of BPL testing programs, quality assurance and bioassays planning. Manel has high expertise in different areas such as analytics, residues, toxicology, environment , ecotoxicology and efficacy.

Agricultural Engineer with experience in research, Manel decided to apply his technical and scientific knowledge to more applied, transverse, administrative and legal processes. When he entered the team, Manel said that "within the work experience in the world of regulatory issues about crop protection products Futureco Bioscience represents a great challenge in my career and I am happy to belong to a team of great professionals and great people. Together we will do great things, for sure."

The Director of Regulatory Affairs Futureco Bioscience, Jose Manuel Lara, said "Having a specialist with extensive experience of Manel is a privilege to Futureco. His addition will accelerate regulatory processes to anticipate the placing on the market of developments arising from our vast research activity ".

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