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The sense of communicating R&D of Biotech companies

Cosmocaixa Barcelona, where BAC2014 is celebrated (image of Obra Social La Caixa)

Cosmocaixa Barcelona, where BAC2014 is celebrated (image of Obra Social La Caixa)

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On July 9, one of the most awaited events of the Year of Biotechnology, the Biotech Annual Congress BAC 2014, was opened in the CosmoCaixa centre of Barcelona. This event is organized by the Catalan Association of biotechnologists and promoted by the Spanish Federation of Biotechnology, and counts with a program with prestigious scientists like Dr. Maria Blasco, director of the National Cancer Research Centre, Dr. Werner Arber, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1978, and Dr. Jean Weissenbach, winner of the Prince of Asturias Award of Research in 2001.

For three days, 350 young researchers and entrepreneurs will attend scientific sessions about oncology, neuroscience, plant biotechnology, food biotechnology, areas of business strategy and project management of biotech companies, scientific visits, courses and seminars.

Isabel Troytiño, Director of the communication department of Futureco Bioscience will participate on July 11, along with Juan Carlos Esteban from Amgen, Nuria Peláez from AB-Biotics and Andrea Guiu from GCR Group, at the round table "Keys to success of biotechnology businesses: the role of communication", and will be moderated by Angela Bernardo, coordinator of the Biotech Annual Congress 2014.

This session will cover some issues such as the sense of dissemination of progresses and applications developed by the industry, and how can they provide a significant benefit to society, the limits of communication of the R&D of biotech companies, how to prevent communication crises, the convenience or not of engaging corporate social responsibility, how to improve the social perception of biotechnology, what professional training is needed to be in charge of communication offices, and the role of digital media and networks to communicate science.

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