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The representation of the perfect team

Human tower in front of the town hall

Human tower in front of the town hall

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The perfect team is not one who has the best individuals, although that can be an added value. The perfect team is one that maximizes the qualities and strengths of each of its members and combines the best possible way to achieve the best result in every action undertaken, either play a match or bring up successfully an innovation or company.

Perhaps the best cultural representation of a perfect team is the human castle built by the Castellers, in which people of varied ages, social conditions, weights and heights meet to build a castle together, and lift from the ground flats of people who can hold it up to finish the climb to the top of l'enxaneta, the child that crowns the structure sustained by their peers, and arriving raises his arm in triumph. Success is to raise and collect the castle with order and concentration. Nobody is spare, everybody is important and has a role. The castellers are a living representation of teamwork.

Last Saturday, Futureco Bioscience had the opportunity to sponsor the event of the human towers at the festivities of La Granada, municipality where the company will install its headquarters shortly. Involved with civil society and the administration, the help of the company to the event was a demonstration of support to teamwork, an essential value to achieve with work, effort and coordination of all team members the aim of innovate, develop, manufacture and market.

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