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The new face of the defence activators

New image of the Fosfimax Ca label, compared to the old label

New image of the Fosfimax Ca label, compared to the old label

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The family of the defence activators products of Futureco Bioscience that stimulate plant defences against attack by pathogens or diseases (fungal and bacterial plant pathogens), today has launched a new image that can now be displayed in the web catalog.

It's not just a matter of changing a design for a more modern one. As Futureco Bioscience is expanding its distribution across the planet, in the registration process of its products, some countries require that the label doesn't show any pictures of fruits, vegetables, or specific crops. This is the case of Colombia, where Futureco Bioscience has recently released one of its eight new technical offices.

The Fosfimax and Alfositol products comprising the family of defence activators are formulated with specific phosphorus and other elements. They are products of low impact to the environment. Fosfimax 40-20 and Fosfimax 30-20 have proportions of 20% potassium, and phosphorus at 40% and 30% respectively. These formulations have a preventive effect against fungi Oomicetes (Peronospora, Phytophthora, Pythium, Plasmopara...) and stimulate the natural defenses of the plant, increasing the synthesis of phytoalexins.

Other products of the family of Fosfimax and Alfositol are phosphorus compounds with varying proportions of essential elements such as Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg), Zinc (Zn) and Copper (Cu). Fosfimax Ca joins the defence properties of phosphorus with the properties of calcium, which is a key lifecycle element for plants, involved in the processes of germination and fruit ripening, and increase of the resistance of the plant tissue. It is especially recommended for controlling various physiological disorders caused by deficiencies of calcium, such as apical necrosis, fruit drop in citrus, apple bitterpit, or black heart of beet.

On the other hand, Fosfimax Mg promotes root development and strengthens the processes of flowering, fruit set and fruit ripening. Mg is the main constituent of the chlorophyll molecule, which promotes photosynthesis. Furthermore, this element improves absorption of other elements such as phosphorus and acts as enzyme activator.

Fosfimax Cu, as Fosfimax 40-20 and 30-20, also has potassium in its composition in different proportions, and copper (Cu), which promotes the use of nitrogen by the plant, protein synthesis and helps to correct this micronutrient deficiency, enhancing also the natural defences of plants. Finally, Fosfimax Zn participates in the activation of the enzymatic metabolism of the plant. Involved in the synthesis of auxin, prevents the loss of apical dominance, reduced leaf size and internode, internervial chlorosis and reduced plant growth.

The particularities of the registration processes and features of these products, coupled with the global and renewed image of Futureco Bioscience since the launching of its new website in 2013, has engaged the conceptual design of the labels of its products. In the defence activators family you can see the illustration of a healthy leaf in 3D, in which a circuit is appreciated, evoking the proper functioning and health of the plant giving the best of herself with the help of technology, as it also did in turn the Biolasting design, in which illustration you can see the gear of a harvested apple evoking longevity and maintenance of the properties of a fruit the treated with a botanical extract for post-harvest use. These images are unique, created by the Catalan designer Joan Riba, founder of Uebs.cat and author of several works of art, and have been developed especially for Futureco Bioscience products.

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