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Stand in Agroexpo

Stand in Agroexpo

Agroexpo Exhibition

Agroexpo Exhibition

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From 13 to 23 July, the city of Corferias hosts Agroexpo Colombia, the agricultural fair of greatest impact and magnitude of the country that is celebrated every two years. In this edition, Futureco Bioscience participates with its Colombian distributor Agropecuaria La Hacienda with its own stand in the innovation pavilion. The fair has, in fact, 20 pavilions and a complete agenda of activities of all the fields of agriculture, livestock and food, for professionals and visitors in family.

The participation of Futureco Bioscience coincides with the launch of the range of the first products offered in Colombia, as well as the presence of the company. "Futureco Bioscience is a benchmark of quality and trust in the evidence of product efficacy. It has R & D behind and a constant return of solutions to the needs of farmers. These are high quality products that take care of the farmland and ensure excellent crop yields, which is undoubtedly an advantage over other similar products without the backing of an excellent research team and quality" says Gustavo Rivera, CEO of Agropecuaria La Hacienda.

Among the most innovative and outstanding products in the portfolio are Rutastar, Citogrower and Improroot. Rutastar is an extract of rutaceous rich in organic acids such as citric acid and bioflavonoids. Its use in tomato crops has an antimicrobial effect against Botrytis cinerea in a preventive and curative way. Citogrower is a product that improves the quality and flowering of horticultural and ornamental crops, and ensures great yield in high value crops such as avocado and roses. Improroot induces root growth, expanding its number and surface to ensure maximum absorption of nutrients from the plant, its health and growth.

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