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The market of biocontrol concentrates in Basel

Stand of Futureco Bioscience in ABIM 2014

Stand of Futureco Bioscience in ABIM 2014

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From the 20 to 22 October, in the Basel convention center will be held the Annual Biocontrol Industry Meeting, ABIM 2014. In its ninth edition, this event holds a healthy growth and brings together 740 attendees from over 50 countries, 260 companies and 41 exhibitors of the market of agricultural inputs for biological pest control. 

Since 2004, Futureco Bioscience has not missed a single year, and this is the eighth time that repeats with a stand. The biocontrol market is growing at pace, as public administrations and governments globally launch standards that promote the development and registration of products of zero waste for plant protection. These products are often based on biomolecules and organisms that are natural enemies of pests and diseases and are already present in nature, such as microbial biological control agents, eg, fungus spores of Isaria fumosorosea, active ingredient of the bioinsticide against whiteflies NOFLY.

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