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The European Union approves the first biological insecticide developed in Spain

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After an evaluation process of eight years, finally the strain FE 9901 of Paecilomyces fumosoroseus, the active ingredient of the product Futureco NOFLY WP, has been finally authorized by the European Union as an active substance as insecticide. 

This is an historic event in the field of Spanish agrobiotechnology, since it is the first biopesticide based on a microbial pathogen of plant plague insects (bio-insecticide) for whitefly control completely developed in Spain and registered by the EU. Since 2001, Futureco Bioscience SL has been investing in research, development and innovation of these products. These biopesticides are not genetically modified, and are produced under strict quality premises, research rigor, transparency and social and environmental responsibility, to ensure they meet legal requirements and they are safe.

The approval of a microorganism for its use in plant protection involves a rigorous review of the effects that their mass release may have on people and the environment. Inclusion in the European list of plant protection substances, not only means green light for further marketing of NOFLY WP for control of whiteflies and other insect pests in European countries, it also means a recognition of many years of work and the effectiveness and safety of Futureco Bioscience SL products with respect to the balance of the food chain and the safety for biodiversity of the environment in which they will be applied. The following steps are to register the product in each of the EU countries that NOFLY WP will be commercialized.

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