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The EC approves strain WYEC 108 of Streptomyces lydicus, active ingredient of Actinovate

Biofungicide of Futureco Bioscience which active ingredient is strain WYEC 108 of Streptomyces lydicus

Biofungicide of Futureco Bioscience which active ingredient is strain WYEC 108 of Streptomyces lydicus

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After an evaluation process of 4 years, the strain WYEC 108 of Streptomyces lydicus, active ingredient of the biopesticide ACTINOVATE, has been authorized by the European Union as a fungicide active substance. The Implementing Regulation (EU No. 917/2014 of the Commission of 22nd August 2014) was published in the Official Journal of the European Union 23.8.2014 (OJ L251 of 08.23.2014 p.19), according with the provisions and decisions of the Standing Committee on Plants, Animals, Food and Feed CE, which regulates these processes.

Those applications of the strain WYEC 108 of Streptomyces lydicus that have been approved include control of soil diseases caused by seed and soil borne fungi such as FusariumPythiumRhizoctonia and Phytophthora in vegetables, seed coating, turf grass and ornamental crops.

The approval of an organism for plant protection uses involves an exhaustive revision of the effect that its application in mass may have on human and animal health, and also on the environment. Inclusion in the European list of plant protection substances, does not only give the possibility to register ACTINOVATE for biological control of fungal diseases in agricultural crops in European countries, but also recognizes the efficacy and safety of the product for the food chain and the biodiversity of the environments in which it's applied.

"This approval allows us to be able to put on the market in the short term a fungicide known to be effective, such as ACTINOVATE, in all countries of the European Union. It is a milestone that confirms the vocation of leadership in the supply of low-risk plant protection products as biopesticides, where Futureco Bioscience is firmly committed” said José Manuel Lara, Director of Regulatory Affairs of Futureco Bioscience.

With this news, Futureco Bioscience is positioned as the Spanish company with more microbial active substances authorized at European level and the SME that has obtained more authorizations in an independent way.  

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