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Iker Hernández

Iker Hernández

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April starts with the hiring of a new researcher for the Department of R&D of Futureco Bioscience: Iker García Hernández. Iker is PhD in Plant Biology from the University of Barcelona and joins the team to work in the Unit of Molecular Biology, apply and deepen its knowledge of the aging processes of plants and the molecular mechanisms involved in situations of abiotic stresses such as drought. Its goal is finding the most accurate and effective solutions for the recovery of crops and plants subjected to water stress.

Iker has an intense research career in plant biology. In recent years, with a Juan de la Cierva fellowship at the University of Barcelona, he investigated the aging processes of perennials (such as fruit trees, vines, tea or ornamental crops, etc.). Aging is a field of study more associated with research of animals, not plants. "Defining plant aging ecologically means the analysis of mortality and reproduction, and the relationship between them, which according to the conditions might increase or decrease. The stress history of a plant may increase mortality."

In crops, adverse conditions such as water stress can compromise the quality and size of fruits, and slow the different stages of growth. Investigating what happens at the molecular level is essential to give the best agro-biological solutions and the most effective biostimulants for their application in areas with little water or variations in temperature and salinity.

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